What Color does Orange and Blue make?

When you see orange colors, you might think of a sunrise meeting the blue color of the skies. Imagining it will give you a nostalgic atmosphere. How exciting it would be to discover what color does orange and blue make when mixed.  Orange and blue make brown, or purple or black. There are tons of … Read more

Green and Brown Make What Color? Forest Green Guide

When it comes to the color combinations between brown and green, the grasses, leaves, and mountains come to our minds.  Using these two combinations surely gives a natural atmosphere either in your portraits, landscapes or in your rooms. What’s more, if they are mixed? So let’s check and answer the question of green and brown … Read more

How to Make Beige Paint? Interesting Ideas

Minimalist or nordic styles are the typical trends nowadays, and one of the most loved colors associated with those two styles is beige. How can you make beige? Is it possible? Of course, you can make beige! And here’s how you can make beige: Learning how to make beige is a step closer to achieving … Read more

How to Make Hot Pink Paint And Other Pink Shades

how to make hot pink

Pink is a soft and cozy looking color, bright,extravagant and you cannot miss it. It is associated with being feminine, as it is usually a girl’s favorite color. It has different shades, and we often see pastel pink in bake shops, flower shops, and girl’s boutiques, and one of the most popular shades of pink … Read more

How to Make Magenta Acrylic Paint? Color Mixing Guide

how to make magenta

Often most mistakenly named “pink,” “purple,” or “violet,” but magenta has its own identity. Aren’t you curious about how to make magenta? To make magenta using acrylic or oil paints, use equal parts of these colors: To darken the shade, use green,brown or dark green. To make a shade close to Fuschia, add red and … Read more