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Welcome dear creative soul!

I’m Masha Eretnova – artist and educator, your guide in acrylic painting, gouache and crafts!

In this blog I share my 20+ years drawing and painting experience as well as recommended art supplies for any budget that I spent thousands of dollars just to try and review for you 🙂

I started painting at the age of 6 (in 90s) and I graduated from State Pedagogical University in 2013 and in this blog I combine my passion and my professional education to make it as useful as possible for beginners in painting!

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How can I help your creative journey?

I’m working mainly with acrylics but I love to explore all painting mediums – gouache being my favorite!

I love doing some hand-build or wheel pottery, epoxy and jesmonite crafts – I made quite a few decorations for my home.

I’m learning how to draw properly as well as I’m mostly painting.

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Abstract Art

Abstract art is my passion and my way of communicating and interacting with paint.

I love working with acrylic paint, mixed media and texture.

I prefer intuitive approach and as an introvert consider my painting sessions a sort of meditation.

If you’re a gallery or a collector, contact me directly by email [email protected].

Some of my early pouring paintings found home in cozy villas in Bali and at my friends’ houses.

I’ve also donated a few of my paintings to raise money for a local school where I live after the roof collapsed.