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Easy Dog Painting for Beginners [Step-by-step Tutorial]

Are you a dog person? I AM! I love all doggos of the world and always try to make friends with all of them lol. Most dogs are also very good with kids and when someone is learning how to draw, an idea to draw a puppy or a dog is always one of the first.

But as a parent, or a beginner adult you absolutely need an easy dog painting for beginners to succeed.

Easy Dog Painting for Beginners

If you are a beginner, you can start drawing a dog or a puppy from the snout! Then goes the head and the body. Paws and tails go last and then you can color it. You can paint a dog with pencils, acrylics or gouache, and markers.

I will also share some popular dog breeds tutorials, including most popular golden retriever:)

Puppy/Dog Drawing Supplies

  1. Sketchbook or a paper sheet (basically any painting surface)
  2. Pencils (HB,2B).
  3. Eraser.
  4. Ruler.
  5. Color pencils or crayons, or acrylic paint (or any paint/markers you want to color your dog with)
    • In our tutorial you need these colors:
    • black
    • brown for the fur ( you can pick any color or even make a dalmatian!)
    • pink or peach for the tongue

You can use a reference photo of your dog or just draw a cartoon style puppy.

I recommend painting and drawing with a good lighting.

*If you will pick paints for coloring your puppy, you will need some brushes.

Easy Dog Painting Step-by-Step Instructions

Key features of a cute dog are snout, happy waggin tail, cute paws and ears, and a pinkish tongue. If you are just a beginner don’t stress too much about shades and background first.

Step 1 – The snout!

easy dog painting step 1

To start drawing the puppy let’s begin from drawing the nose.
Draw a round edged triangular shape. Cute for boop!

Pro tip: You can use black pencil to sketch (if you will later on color it with paint), and in this case don’t press too hard. If you are working with colored pencils or markers, make confident lines 🙂

Step 2

easy dog painting puppy tutorial

Draw one vertical line from the middle point of the triangle. And then, draw two curvey “U”
shaped lines on two ends of the vertical line.

Step 3

easy dog painting puppy drawing step 3

Keep a little gap and draw an upside down “U” shaped line on top of the nose keeping a little

Step 4

easy dog painting puppy drawing tutorial step 4

From the ends of the top “U” shaped line draw two two horizontal lines with curved ends.

Step 5 – Drawing chin

Gently use the pencil to draw a half circular shape from the ends of the two horizontal lines to connect them.

It is important to not make this line bold as we will correct it in the next step!

It’s our puppy chin!

Step 6 – Drawing cheeks

On two sides of the half circular shape draw three round edged zigzag lines.

Erase what’s left extra from step 5.

Cute cheeks!!

Step 7 – Drawing the tongue

Draw another “U” shaped line to create the tongue!

Don’t make it straingt U, tilt it on one side a bit to make it look more natural.

Step 8 – Eyes

Draw two upside down “U” shapes over the two horizontal lines.

Step 9 – Pupils

Draw the pupils in the eyes.

There are two small circles, it will create a more cartoon style eye.

Step 10

Full in the eyeballs using the pencil.

You can use black color or any other colors, if you want to make your dog’s eyes in a different color.

Step 11 – Head

Draw a half circular shapes round head for the puppy.

Step 12

Erase a little portion from the middle of the head and draw two zigzag lines.

Step 13 – Ears

Draw the puppy’s ears. You can use any easy shape you want for the ears.

Start from the top to make it easier.

Even if it is your first time and the ears won’t be perfectly symmetrical or identical it is ok. Nature isn’t perfect either! So it will be more realistic 🙂

Step 14 – Drawing dog’s body

Draw an egg shaped body for the puppy.

Don’t press too hard on the pencil, we will work on some parts later and erase them.

Step 15 – Start drawing the paws

Draw 4 parallel vertical lines on the bottom part of the puppy’s body.

As much as you can parallel, they don’t have to be perfect. More important that both legs were of the same width.

Step 16

Erase the lines and draw the paws. Each paw can look its direction.

Step 17

Draw the two hind legs for the puppy. Use an easy circular shape to draw the paws.

Step 18 – Tail

Use the HB pencil to gently draw the tail shape.

Step 19

Draw squiggly lines on the tail to add details.

Looks like a happy tail!

Step 20

Draw 2 lines on the paws to add details.

Step 21

Draw three vertical lines above the eyes if you want to add some eyelashes to the puppy.

Step 22

Use a brown crayon or pencil or paint to in the body, legs and top portion of the puppy’s head.

Step 23

Use the same brown shape to fill the puppy’s ears outline.

Step 24

Use and orange or peach shade to color the puppy’s tongue.

Final Easy Dog Painting for Beginners

You can recreate this cute dog portrait it in any sizes and colors!

If you will choose acrylic painting, these colors will help you:

  • brown
  • black
  • peach or pink

How to paint or draw different dog breeds? Easy Dog Paintings for Beginners

Golden Retrievers tutorial

You need markers and paper (even print paper is ok).

Husky puppy drawing tutorial

Husky is a popular family breed and forever heroes of many funny short videos on the Internet 🙂

You only need a pencil! But this tutorial requires some patience and a bit more skills than others

How do you paint a dog with acrylics? Easy Dog acrylic painting (Labrador)

Painting pet portraits with acrylics is not really easy, as you will have to make it realistic and paint fur. Painting fur requires skills and lots of patience. However, you know now hot to make an acrylic painting easier – make it less realistic.

If you don’t paint fur the painting will still look great:

How can my dog make a painting?

To paint with your dog you will need to buy all non-toxic allergy-free and washable paints! Regular acrylic paint can be toxic for humans and pets, as well as oil paint. You can use kids-safe washable tempera paints, just make sure there is no chemicals or benzoyl alcohol.

Henna is not safe for dogs as well.

You can use black safe ink just to make paw prints, or this set with 4 main colors (you can mix colors to get more) for paws.

You can lay paper on the ground and dip your pet’s paw in the paint. And simply let them walk on the paper. You can finish the painting 🙂

Some dogs learn how to paint with a brush, holding it in their mouth, but it will require some training!

what is the easiest dog to draw?

A cartoon style dog portrait is the easiest to draw. It is also easier to draw dogs without detailed fur and too many fine details. It is harder to draw from memory so grab a photo of your pet or a reference from a movie, tutorial or cartoon.

I hope now you are ready to make some dog portraits and even have fun with paw-painting!