How to Paint Glass Bottles With Acrylic

Do you want to give new life to some glass bottles you have? Acrylics are amazing for that and super easy to use! I tested acrylic paint pens and primed an old champagne bottle to see how acrylics perform. Let me share with you a step-by-step guide to paint on glass with acrylics. Materials you … Read more

How to Paint a Fox for Any Levels: 16 Turotials

How to Paint a Fox

Foxes have an endearing charm that makes them great painting subjects. I recommend looking for reference photos of foxes before you sketch or paint a fox. Also, you may learn the finest methods for painting these sneaky critters by watching tutorials and examples online. The best way to draw a fox is to begin by … Read more

15 Easy Moon Drawing Ideas For Beginners

how to draw a crescent moon

Have you ever wondered how to draw a crescent moon? I have plenty of 10-minute super easy Moond drawing ideas to share. Let me show you how I draw moon and color it. They’re beautiful to look at and relatively easy to paint. So, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced artist, read on for … Read more

How To Paint Stormy Sky With Acrylics

Summer night storms or heavy fall rains, what are your favorites to sit at home, do some chores, and have a cup of tea with banana bread? Perfect time to paint stormy sky and improve your painting skills. Yet, it is challenging to create the right depth and nit a messy muddy background. You need … Read more