60 Cool and Easy Black and White Painting Ideas

black and white painting ideas

Black and white is a classic combination but some people think it’s too basic but it’s my favorite. Yet, it can produce stunning results and look even better than color. I paint mostly with only black and a few other colors, so I am absolutely obsessed with black and white contrast! If you are looking … Read more

54 Awesome Black Canvas Painting Ideas You’ll Want to Replicate

Black Canvas Painting Ideas

Do you want to switch things up with a black canvas but a bit scared of not knowing what works best on black? Experiment with a black canvas using the awesome black canvas painting ideas I listed below! With a black canvas, you can easily make the colors pop. Painting a dramatic night sky, the … Read more

101 Easy Body Painting Ideas That Look Great on Everyone

If you want to express yourself through art dramatically, you can do so through body painting! But choosing the muse may paralyze you. That’s why I’ve gathered these easy body painting ideas for you! You can transform someone into what he desires through body painting. You can be an animal, prince, or cyborg for a … Read more

87 Adorable Pregnant Belly Painting Ideas for Boys and Girls

Do you love collecting memories? If the answer is yes, chances are you’d want to document your pregnancy journey. Why not try belly painting? Below I’ve listed 50 adorable pregnant belly painting ideas for boys and girls. Make the most of your round belly! Turn it into a ball, snow globe, or any round object … Read more

50+ Beginner-friendly Easter Canvas Painting Ideas

Are you craving for beginner-friendly Easter canvas painting ideas? I got you! Easter brings many scenes you’d like to capture. Immortalize the cuteness of a bunny on a field, of kids going on Easter egg hunting, of a basket of colorful Easter eggs, spring scenes, and more.  Below you’ll find the inspiration to create your … Read more

91 Fall Canvas Painting Ideas Everyone Will Surely Love!

This fall gets us inspired to paint on canvas. Thus, let us put crafters, beginners, and even toddlers in the mood to learn fall canvas painting ideas. Through reading this post, we will discover how to paint autumn painting ideas and what supplies are best to create that stunning work of art. Thanksgiving canvas painting … Read more

55+ Easy & Cute Spring Painting Ideas on Canvas for Beginners

Spring Painting Ideas

What inspires you? If you’re a newbie to painting and want to capture springtime’s beauty, I’ve gathered 55+ simple spring painting ideas for you!  Spring brings unlimited inspiration. You’d want to recreate the field of flowers in full bloom underneath a clear sky or birds perched on a tree on a canvas. Animated films set … Read more

Painting Date Night Complete Guide +12 Ideas For Sip & Paint Date DIY

You’re here probably because it’s your first time, and you’re looking for supplies and DIY ideas on how to have the perfect painting date night at home. You may be overwhelmed with things like, “what products should we buy?” or “does painting go with movies or beverages”?  Whatever it is, you’ve come to the right … Read more