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220+ Creative Painting Captions For Instagram For Engagement

Looking for perfect painting captions for your art Instagram?

Simply copy and paste any of these 200+ art painting captions and use it on your social media to get more engagement!

At the end you will also find pro tips on what hashtags to use with your art captions to maximize your efforts on social media.

Short creative captions with deep meaning:

  • I draw better than I talk.
  • Art is not a thing, it is a way. – Elbert Hubbard
  • I’m not saying that art is easy, but it’s worth it.
  • Colors clash. Forms collide. Lines intersect. This is art
  • See feel draw: One verb. – Jandy Nelson, I’ll Give You the Sun
  • Don’t paint the object, paint its effect.
  • An empty canvas is full ― Robert Rauschenberg
  • I love turning a blank canvas into a work of art 🎨
  • I think, therefore I am creative
  • I dream my painting and I paint my dream. – Van Gogh
  • Colorful chaos on canvas.
  • Art is passion and hunger mixed into one.
  • Ephemeral beauty captured in paint.
  • Where imagination meets the brush.
  • A symphony of hues and emotions.
  • Colors, the vocabulary of the unspeakable.
  • Canvas dreams come to life.
  • Abstract whispers of the soul.
  • Dancing with the palette.
  • Exploring the palette of possibilities.
  • Art is the voice of the heart.
  • Brushing away reality with creativity.
  • In every stroke, a story unfolds.
  • Beyond boundaries, into the canvas of dreams.
  • Art is a line around your thoughts.― Gustav Klimt
  • Drawing is putting a line around an idea. – Henri Matisse
  • Everything you can imagine is real. Pablo Picasso
  • Painting is just another way of keeping a diary. Pablo Picasso
  • Creativity takes courage – Henri Matisse.
  • Success is a worn down pencil.― Robert Rauschenberg
  • The artist sees what others only catch a glimpse of.― Leonardo da Vinci
  • The chief enemy of creativity is ‘good’ sense. Pablo Picasso
  • I paint flowers so they will not die.― Frida Kahlo
  • Painting calmed the chaos that shook my soul. – Niki de St. Phalle
  • Have no fear of perfection – you’ll never reach it.― Salvador Dali
  • I would like to paint as the bird sings.- Claude Monet
  • To the artist there is never anything ugly in nature. – Auguste Rodin
  • A good artist has less time than ideas. – Martin Kippenberger
  • The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt. – Sylvia Plath
  • If Picasso was alive today, he would be flipping tables
  • Painting is a kaleidoscope of emotions.
  • Painting my world with vibrant shades.
  • In the silence of colors, stories are told.
  • Creativity knows no limits.
  • The canvas is my playground.
  • Whispers of imagination, screams of color.
  • Painting is silent poetry.
  • Embracing the chaos of creativity.
  • Every stroke is a step into the unknown.
  • Capturing the magic in every moment.
  • Art speaks where words fail.
  • Lost in the world of colors.
  • Elegance in every brushstroke.
  • Abstract beauty, concrete emotions.
  • The canvas is my mirror.
  • In the realm of creativity, anything is possible.
  • Where passion meets the palette.
  • Painting the poetry of my soul.
  • Splashes of inspiration on canvas.
  • Colors that sing, shapes that dance.
  • Unveiling the hidden dimensions of imagination.
  • Brushing away the ordinary, one stroke at a time.
  • Art is the escape from reality.
  • “A dance of colors in the canvas of life.
  • Crafting dreams with every stroke.
  • Layers of meaning beneath the surface.
  • Brushing on the canvas of serenity.
  • In the silence of creation, the heart speaks.
  • Colors that resonate with the soul.
  • Finding beauty in the brushstrokes.

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  • Art excludes, like love, any competition and devours the whole person.
  • Life is too short to paint something you don’t have feelings for.
  • If I knew what the picture was going to be like, I wouldn’t make it.
  • Art is to console those who are broken by life.
  • I’ve been feeling so creative lately and I just had to start painting! It’s been so therapeutic #exploringmyartistictalents
  • I’m really feeling my artistic side lately
  • Just like Bob Ross said, “There are no mistakes, just happy accidents!”
  • Got my hands dirty and ended up with a beautiful masterpiece👩‍🎨
  • I’m not a morning person, but I’ll make an exception for painting sunrise. With a cup of coffee in one hand and a paintbrush in the other, I feel most alive when I’m surrounded by color.
  • Life is like a blank canvas. It’s up to you to make it into something beautiful.
  • Grabbing life by the brush and painting my way to a better tomorrow!
  • Trying out a new painting technique and getting lost in the process 🎨
  • A pencil is sometimes sharper than a sword. – I LOVE this one! Courageous art 🙂
  • Art is bleeding your heart onto a canvas.
  • If Picasso had Instagram…
  • Just because I’m an artist doesn’t mean I’m not dangerous. 😈
  • Every artist’s view of the world is different, but we all see the same colors
  • Art isn’t about what’s aesthetically pleasing, it’s about challenging norms and provoking thought.
  • What society sees as art and what I see as art are two very different things.
  • I’m not necessarily inspired by art, but I am motivated by the act of creating it. 🎨
  • The creative process is a bit like insanity: one minute you’re inspired, and the next you’re questioning everything. But ultimately, it’s worth it.
  • The creativity of artists moves the world. #nashville
  • The world will try to tell you that you’re not creative. But don’t listen. You are a creative force, and you have something important to contribute. So make your mark and don’t be afraid to be different.
  • The moment you give up on being creative is the moment you die a little inside.
  • Change the way you see things and the things you see will change. #creativity
  • Some people see the world in black and white. I see it in color.
  • I’m not an artist, I’m a primal screamer who paints his feelings
  • I’m an artist because there’s no other way to be 🎨
  • I’m not here to make art, I’m here to trigger some feelings.
  • I drip, pour, and splash my worlds onto canvases. Some may say my work is messy, but to me, it’s wild and free.
  • Beauty is skin deep. Art is what’s underneath. #artist
  • I don’t just paint pictures, I paint my soul.
  • Art is about pushing boundaries and expressing yourself without apology.
  • Sometimes the prescribed way of doing things is just too boring for me.
  • Some people think art is just a hobby. I think of it as a necessary form of rebellion.
  • Don’t be afraid to be different, to stand out from the rest. Provoke change, invoke inspiration.
  • My favorite kind of art is the kind that makes you think.
  • “Embracing imperfections in the masterpiece of life.”
  • “Abstract thoughts, concrete expressions.”
  • “Brushing away the mundane with creativity.”
  • “Painting the world in my palette of dreams.”
  • “The canvas is my sanctuary, and art is my prayer.”
  • Colors echo the whispers of the universe.
  • In the strokes of creation, we find our true selves.
  • The canvas, a mirror reflecting the depths of the soul.
  • Each brushstroke is a dialogue between chaos and order.
  • Art is the silent conversation of emotions.
  • Beyond the canvas, reality is an abstract concept.
  • Painting is the language of the heart, translated by the hands.
  • The palette, a palette of choices in the theater of existence.
  • In the dance of colors, we embrace the rhythm of life.
  • Every stroke, a bridge between imagination and reality.
  • The canvas, a sanctuary for the unspoken and the unseen.
  • Art is the alchemy of turning emotions into visual poetry.
  • The brush, a philosopher contemplating the canvas of time.
  • Colors speak louder than words in the gallery of the mind.
  • Painting is the journey from the known to the infinite unknown.
  • In the silence of creation, the soul finds its voice.
  • The canvas, a tapestry woven with threads of introspection.
  • Art is the meditation of the restless mind.
  • Brushes carve pathways through the labyrinth of thought.
  • Each stroke, a meditation on the impermanence of beauty.
  • In the palette, we discover the spectrum of human experience.
  • Painting is the communion of the artist with the ethereal.
  • The canvas, an intersection of dreams and reality.
  • Art is the quest to capture the elusive essence of being.
  • Every stroke, a ripple in the pond of consciousness.
  • The palette, a reflection of the artist’s inner cosmos.
  • In the brush, the dance of creation choreographed by the soul.
  • The canvas, a mirror reflecting the journey within.
  • Painting is the exploration of the metaphysics of perception.
  • “Embracing the colors of life.”
  • “A stroke of creativity.”
  • “Finding beauty in every brushstroke.”
  • “Canvas whispers.”
  • “Let the colors speak.”
  • “Painting my world.”
  • “Creating magic, one stroke at a time.”
  • “Art is my language.”
  • “Capturing emotions on canvas.”
  • “Colorful reflections.”
  • “Where imagination meets reality.”
  • “Layers of dreams.”
  • “Art is my therapy.”
  • “Exploring the palette of possibilities.”
  • “Every painting tells a story.”
  • “Infinite hues of expression.”
  • “Brushing away the ordinary.”
  • “The world through my eyes.”
  • “Soulful strokes.”
  • “Lost in the art of creation.”

Wall Painting Captions for Instagram

  • Adding a splash of color to my walls and a pop to my life!
  • Who needs a canvas when your walls are a masterpiece in the making?
  • Brings a whole new meaning to ‘home improvement’ one stroke at a time!
  • Turning my walls into a gallery of memories and creativity.
  • From drab to fab: the transformation is real!
  • Walls as blank canvases? Not anymore!
  • Injecting personality into my space, one coat of paint at a time.
  • Who says walls have to be boring? Mine are a reflection of my vibrant spirit!
  • Giving my walls a fresh coat of paint and my home a fresh dose of style. #HomeMakeover
  • Not just painting walls, but painting dreams and memories.
  • Creating a space that’s uniquely mine.
  • Bringing my Pinterest board to life.
  • Who knew a little paint could make such a big difference? #SmallChangesBigImpact
  • Feeling like a DIY design guru with every stroke of the brush.
  • My walls are getting a makeover and my mood is getting an upgrade! #PaintingTherapy
  • Fresh paint, fresh perspective: my walls are reflecting the new me!
  • From bland to grand: my walls are stealing the show! #BoldStatements

Acrylic Painting Captions

  • “With each meticulous stroke, acrylics on canvas unveil a narrative of vibrant hues and profound emotion.”
  • “Delving into the intricacies of human expression, acrylic portraits on canvas capture the essence of identity.”
  • “Abstract acrylic landscapes on canvas evoke a realm where color and emotion converge, offering an immersive experience.”
  • “Acrylics on canvas serve as a conduit for capturing ephemeral moments, immortalized through bold strokes and vivid colors.”
  • “In the realm of acrylics, the canvas transforms into a stage where light, shadow, and emotion interplay.”
  • “Every brushstroke on canvas is a deliberate act, harmonizing light and color to breathe life into the artwork.”
  • “Acrylics on canvas facilitate an exploration of the soul’s depths, articulated through a symphony of colors and textures.”
  • In acrylics, what you lose on the straights you make up for on the corners. -Robert Genn
  • Portraits rendered in acrylics on canvas convey an intimate understanding of human complexity and beauty.
  • Abstract acrylic compositions on canvas beckon the viewer into a dreamscape where imagination reigns supreme.
  • The canvas becomes a tableau vivant, animated by acrylics that narrate tales of passion and introspection.
  • Acrylics offer an expansive palette for artists to explore, revealing infinite possibilities and expressive horizons.
  • Each canvas becomes a playground for artistic exploration, where acrylics serve as the conduit for boundless expression.
  • Abstract acrylic creations on canvas invite viewers on an artistic odyssey, where imagination takes flight.
  • Use acrylics like acrylics – don’t set yourself up for disappointments. – Robert Bissett
  • “Acrylics cascade across the canvas, creating mesmerizing rivers of color that traverse the artistic landscape.”
  • Abstract acrylic compositions on canvas offer a transformative journey, where creativity unfolds without constraint.
  • Embarking on a colorful journey with acrylics on canvas, where each brushstroke is a step towards artistic growth.
  • Discovering the joy of acrylic painting on canvas, where mistakes are welcomed as valuable lessons in the creative process.
  • Exploring the versatility of acrylics on canvas, from blending gradients to creating bold contrasts, every stroke is a new adventure.
  • Embracing the beginner’s mindset in acrylic painting on canvas, where curiosity and experimentation pave the path to mastery.
  • Diving into the world of acrylics on canvas with enthusiasm and an open heart, eager to unleash untapped creativity.
  • Transforming a blank canvas into a vibrant tapestry of color and expression, one brushstroke at a time.
  • Embracing imperfection in acrylic painting on canvas, recognizing that every stroke contributes to the journey of learning and growth.

Watercolor Painting Captions for Instagram

  • Surrendering to the ethereal charm of watercolor, where hues blend seamlessly and dance upon the canvas. #WatercolorMagic
  • Capturing the fluidity of nature’s essence with a delicate touch of watercolor paint.
  • Each petal painted with a careful blend of colors, whispering tales of floral beauty.
  • Exploring the interplay of light and shadow through transparent layers of watercolor paint.
  • Lost in the wilderness of imagination, where every brushstroke creates a vibrant landscape.
  • Sunset hues melting into the horizon, a testament to the mesmerizing power of colors.
  • Blossoms blooming in a loose sketch, each stroke a celebration of life’s vibrancy.
  • Tranquil lakes mirrored in the loose landscapes of watercolor, reflecting inner peace.
  • Embracing the unpredictability of watercolor, where imperfections add depth to the painting.
  • Drifting among galaxies of imagination, painting stars with ethereal watercolor whispers.
  • Whispering winds carrying secrets of the forest, painted with the gentlest touch of watercolors.
  • Capturing the serenity of mountain vistas in loose landscapes of watercolor hues.
  • Each brushstroke a love letter to spring, where colors burst forth in joyful abundance.
  • Tranquil shores bathed in the soft light of dawn, painted with the whispers of morning mist.
  • Orchids unfurling in a symphony of watercolor, each petal a masterpiece of delicate grace.
  • Translating the chaos of emotions into a tranquil melody of watercolor hues.
  • Golden hour hues melting into the canvas, a tribute to the fleeting beauty of moments.
  • Lost in the labyrinth of foliage, painting dreams with the fluidity of watercolor.
  • Cascading waterfalls frozen in loose landscapes, painted with the rhythm of nature’s heartbeat.
  • Blossoms dancing in the breeze, a delicate ballet of watercolor petals and hues.
  • Diving into the depths of imagination, where colors collide and dreams take shape on canvas.
  • Ocean waves crashing against the shore, painted with the energy of endless motion.
  • Each brushstroke a celebration of nature’s palette.
  • Leaves whispering secrets of the forest floor, painted with the softness of watercolor strokes.
  • Surrendering to the flow of creativity, where each brushstroke narrates an untold story.
  • Sunsets painting the sky in a symphony of watercolor hues, a serene farewell to the day.
  • Lonely villages, captured in loose landscapes of watercolor.
  • “Watercolor… the first and last thing an artist does.” – Willem de Kooning
  • Watercolour is a lifetime pursuit… mostly uphill. – Robert Wade
  • Watercolor painting is the perfect medium for capturing the fleeting moments of life.
  • Watercolor is like a conversation with the paper. You have to listen and respond accordingly.
  • Watercolor is the poetry of art. It flows effortlessly, leaving traces of beauty in its wake.

Funny Painting Captions for Instagram

  • Feeling brush-tastic today! Let’s paint the town red… and blue… and yellow!
  • When life gives you brushes, make art!
  • When life gives you lemons, paint them! Then they’re modern art.
  • My brush is my weapon… against boredom!
  • Painting: the only time where being ‘colorblind’ is an advantage!
  • Art tip: If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again… or just turn it into abstract art!
  • I’m not messy, I’m just creatively chaotic!
  • Painting is my therapy… until I realize I forgot to buy more paint!

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Thought-Provoking Painting Captions for Instagram

  • Behind every stroke lies a story, a journey of emotions poured onto canvas. Each painting is a reflection of my inner world, a blend of experiences, dreams, and aspirations. Through art, I find solace, joy, and endless possibilities. Join me in unraveling the tales within the colors.
  • Art is not merely about what meets the eye; it’s about what stirs the soul. Every painting I create is a dialogue between my heart and the canvas, a dance of imagination and reality. Join me on this journey of exploration, where each stroke unravels a new chapter of creativity.
  • As I dip my brush into the palette of life, I am reminded of the infinite hues of existence. Each painting is a testament to the beauty that surrounds us, a celebration of the mundane transformed into the extraordinary. Join me in discovering the magic hidden within the ordinary.
  • In the silence of my studio, amidst the chaos of colors, I find peace. Each stroke is a meditation, a moment of introspection, a communion with the divine. Through art, I seek to capture the fleeting moments of beauty that adorn our world, immortalizing them on canvas for eternity.”
  • “Art is more than just a visual experience; it’s a journey of self-discovery. With every painting, I delve deeper into the labyrinth of my subconscious, unraveling layers of emotion, memory, and imagination. Join me in exploring the depths of creativity, where every brushstroke is a revelation.”
  • “As I stand before the blank canvas, I am filled with a sense of wonder and anticipation. With each brushstroke, I breathe life into the void, transforming it into a vibrant tapestry of colors and emotions. Join me in embracing the creative process, where every imperfection is a testament to the beauty of authenticity.”
  • “Behind every masterpiece lies a myriad of failures, a testament to perseverance and resilience. Each painting is a journey of trial and error, a dance between chaos and order, light and shadow. Join me in celebrating the beauty of imperfection, where every mistake is a stepping stone towards greatness.”
  • “Art has the power to transcend boundaries, to bridge the gap between cultures and generations. Through my paintings, I strive to evoke universal emotions, to spark conversations that transcend language and geography. Join me in celebrating the diversity of human experience, one brushstroke at a time.”
  • “In a world filled with noise and distractions, art offers a sanctuary for the soul. Each painting is a portal to a realm of beauty and serenity, a refuge from the chaos of everyday life. Join me in embracing the transformative power of art, where every stroke is a step towards inner peace.”
  • “As an artist, I am constantly inspired by the world around me, by the beauty that lies in the mundane and the extraordinary. Each painting is a love letter to the universe, a celebration of the miracles that unfold before our eyes. Join me in savoring the moments of awe and wonder that enrich our lives.”

Pro tips:

  • try a provocative tone of voice to get very thought-provoking captions!

Best Painting Hashtags for Instagram

If you’re posting your art on Instagram I’m guessing you would like your post or reels to get a great reach of users and hit the top.

The best FREE way to do so is to use the right painting hashtags in the right place.

The hashtags only work in posts and reels, they no longer work in stories so please don’t stuff your stories with tags.

Add up to 30 relevant low-competition hashtags to your posts to get the maximum reach and experiment with hashtags.

*update September 2023: some Instagram employees say that it’s best to have less than 20 hashtags, mixing big and small tags.

What is a low-competition hashtag?

Is the artwork hashtag that was used less than 50,000 times by other users.

This way you get amazing exposure for free, attracting new followers and maybe buyers for your art.

! The same rule applies for reel’s music and reel hashtags.

Painting quote hashtags under 50,000 uses:

#artquotesoftheday #artquoteoftheday #paintingquotes #paintingquote #quotespainting #artquotesonistagram

Abstract painting hashtags under 50,000 uses:

#abstractpaintingart #abstractpaintingsforsale #abstractpaintingartist #abstractpaintingnow #abstractpaintingsoncanvas #abstractacrylicpaintings #abstractartlover #abstractartoninstagram #abstractartistoninstagram #abstractartdaily #abstractartoftheday

Fluid art hashtags under 50,000 uses:

#fluidartdaily #fluidartpainting #fluidartists #fluidartworks #fluidarts #fluidartvideo #fluidartpour #pouringartist #pouringpainting #pouringartwork #pouringacrylics #pouringpaintings