Passive Income For Artists: 20 Lucrative Side Hustles

Being an artist was never actually perceived as being rich. Gladly, the internet, galleries, and art boom today make some of us richer. But most of us still struggle and have to keep full-time jobs, take care of our families, manage daily life, and somehow find inspiration and time to make and actively sell art. … Read more

Where I Look For Best Artist Opportunities

As a self-taught artist I always struggle with imposter syndrome. In my mind, I need more exposure, a residency, an award, a nice interview, and participate in a group exhibition to finally get some visibility, and ultimately – make it. I’m on my journey and end of 2023 I decided I will no longer wait … Read more

50+ Books Every Art Collector Should Read

Art enthusiasts around the world are hunting for masterpieces with today’s art collecting market peaking at 60 billion dollars. Collecting art may seem not that complicated, but understanding how unpredictable and lightly regulated art marketplace works and having access to market insights are essential to build really good collection with increasing value. I would like … Read more

81 Artist Residencies Around The World To Boost Your Career [FREE + PAID]

artist residencies

Artist residencies are artist-in-residence programs with the goal of cultivating artist communities, imagining new art forms, and radically extending artists’ skills and processes. There are huge number of opportunities to join Artist Residencies for both new artists and experienced pros. Most of artists residencies are paid, but I found a lot of free options and … Read more