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Where I Look For Best Artist Opportunities

As a self-taught artist I always struggle with imposter syndrome. In my mind, I need more exposure, a residency, an award, a nice interview, and participate in a group exhibition to finally get some visibility, and ultimately – make it.

I’m on my journey and end of 2023 I decided I will no longer wait for something to happen I will start to actively apply to open calls. So here is my curated list of artist opportunities and where to look for them.

If I had an experience I will add my brief “review”.

*this is a working list, I will keep adding more once I discover more. If you have a suggestion, leave a comment and I’ll add it as well – let’s build a nice list for everyone*

Most of resources are free, but often the organizer will charge either submission or selection fee.

If you just starting I suggest trying only free opportunities first to test your art statement, bio and which works get most attention.

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Platforms with access to dozens of opportunities both locally and internationally

Magazines/Galleries – Open Calls

  • Arts To Hearts Project – It is a magazine, a prize, a book. You can apply for any. I did the magazine and it included a public vote to select the best. On the first day of voting – the website simply didn’t work, none of my friends could properly vote and they solved the issue only after I kept bugging them on social media. But first day is lost. It left me very upset. But they issue you a certificate if you’re shortlisted. Also paid
  • Exhibizone (online, HQ in Canada) – I have mixed feelings about this one. Their website is incredibly slow and the design is outdated, they always have dozens of open calls and while they promote them as SEO boost and great visibility for your art, when I look at stats…there are hardly visitors or inquiries from their website. There is a selection fee so while they keep sending me invitations, I don’t think I will join again. But I saw that artists did seel art there.
  • ArtlyMix (Brazil) – The lady curator is very sweet, the process is smooth and gives feedback if you ask. However, printing costs (as it is an opportunity for international artists and it is a print show) are quite high compared to what I paid in Italy.
  • CON temporary gallery – I have my art selected for a group show with them. Amazing curator works with artist – very kind, patient and always trying to help. Paid opportunity but the fees are not bad.
  • Altiba
  • Create Magazine (through Submittable)
  • Up the Staircase – if you have art/poetry with stairs!

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  • Boynes Artist Awards
  • BBA Prize I’m still waiting for the prize to take place, but they have very aggressive ads – they are chasing me! And they send you many emails with reminders. We will see how the prize goes.

Paid interview

The process is standatized, very straightforward and they have their own editorial policy. They do seem to be genuinely interested but at the same time quite distant.

Even though it is a paid opportunity they still select artists and it takes time ( I think I waited a few weeks and then you wait until the interview is published).

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When I started looking for opportunities I was actually surprised with how many we have in the world!

Many great ones are still concentrated in US/UK but today I see more and more opportunities for artists from all over the world and it makes me very happy!