16 Most Famous Gouache Paintings

Though Gouache is infamous for being similar to watercolor, reputable painters still used Gouache as their primary medium and iconic paintings were used with Gouache. Gouache may be similar to watercolor, but some artists prefer it over others. There’s no loss, and we understand because Gouache is very worth it, even for beginners. Many artists … Read more

Can You Use Gouache On Canvas? My Test on Primed Canvas

can you use gouache on canvas

Gouache, also known as opaque watercolor, works so well on paper, yet many beginners wonder if there are other options, like canvas. I tested my Miya gouache on simple gesso-primed canvas and I’ll share what I liked and didn’t quite enjoy in the process. Spoiler: Gouache painting works better on paper, canvas pads, and canvas … Read more

My Holbein Artist’s Gouache Review: I Put It To Test

Now that I’ve been using gouache for over a year, I wanted to try some professional-grade paint that offers vibrant colors, smooth consistency, and excellent lightfastness. I’ve tested 3 different gouache brands, and Holbein Artist’s gouache has the best quality and value for money. Holbein Gouache is known for its vibrant colors, smooth consistency, and … Read more

Gouache for Beginners – Ultimate Painting Guide

Painting with Gouache for Beginners

Gouache works amazingly for vibrant illustrations, landscapes, postcards and art on paper. Are you curious if it is difficult to master gouache technique? Surprise, it is not! That’s why I give you this guide on painting with gouache for beginners with budget-friendly supplies and pro tips. Gouache is great for beginners because it resembles watercolor … Read more

Easy Gouache Abstract Painting in 30 min

gouache wall art

I noticed that my kitchen wall has a very nice light coming through shades in the morning. I immediately thought that it would be a perfect place to hang some abstract art in earthy tones (as our kitchen is sort of industrial and wooden mix). I had my new Himi Maya Gouache set and I … Read more