Me joining a Bali art meeting for girls

Hi, fellow creative soul! My name is Masha Eretnova, born in 1991, I’m the author of this Acrylic Painting Blog and I’m an abstract acrylic painting artist and educator, member of the Professional Artist Association, and part of international groups exhibitions.

Also seen in art exhibitions, projects, and magazines:

masha eretnova exhibitions
masha eretnova exhibitions
masha eretnova exhibitions
Masha Eretnova member of Professional artist association
masha eretnova exhibitions artly
interview with artist Masha Eretnova

My story

I was born and raised in a small village.

My father taught me how to draw and paint – first, I was painting portraits of our cats (they were posing voluntarily I swear), and beautiful dolls, and I was seriously creating some architectural plans for dream houses.

Later, I was learning painting as a hobby in art centers, but I could only fully discover it in 2018 with oils. It looks like I’m painting for all my life, or at least about 20 years!

In 2013 I graduated from State Pedagogical University with teaching diplomas with excellence. During my studies, I was included in TOP-100 Best Students of the Year twice, in my second year and upon graduation.

Quick summary of my background in Arts:

  • 2007 and 2011, piano and opera singing
  • 2011, Certified in Teaching Film Photography
  • 2013, Masters in Teaching Methodology
  • 2015, College Universitaire Francais, specialization – French literature
  • since 2020 – personal art practice
  • 2023 – Oct 2023 – a member of the professional association for artists Praxis
  • since 2024 member of the Professional Artist Association.

Latest art activity:

  • 2020, art show together with music concert by Make Like A Tree band
  • December 2023, group exhibition “Perspectivas”, Brazil
  • January 2024, shortlisted for Arts To Hearts Art Magazine issue #5
  • January 2024, joined ArtPropeller
  • January 2024, Interview published on AlTiba 9.

My blog is my way to adapt my professional expertise in teaching towards art, especially painting.

Read an interview by Al-Tiba with me

masha eretnova artist
Working on a landscape in a studio. Oil

Today, I’m mainly in the abstract genre with acrylics: on paper and canvas. I love small-sized pieces, but nothing excites me more than a large blank canvas!

I adore the thickness of the acrylic paint and both texture and smoothness. For me, abstract painting is a sort of freedom – both creative and intellectual. Everyone will see something for themselves in my paintings, and I’m thankful just to have the opportunity to paint.

Yet, I’m struggling a little bit with quality supplies when we travel (and we do a lot!), but we’re planning to travel to Europe soon and I’ll go wild with all kinds of art supplies: I want to buy more gouaches, epoxy, and polymer clay and start making some crafts! I’m so excited about it!

I love experimenting and mostly I do something by myself and only then do I google it – it’s way more interesting! I also love pottery and every once in a while I do some wheel-throwing classes – so satisfying and meditative!

Recently I’ve really discovered pouring (and now all my friends have my art lol) and epoxy – I LOVE both and of course, I’m sharing everything I learn about acrylic pouring supplies and techniques and epoxy craft in my blog.

masha eretnova artist
All pieces made by me 🙂

As I’m a self-taught artist my blog is my diary. I’m learning and I’m immediately sharing it with you, I acknowledge experienced artists and will always tell you what they are saying too, as I’m not yet an expert – I’m with you on this art journey!

I’ve only had one small exhibition, well it was to accompany a music concert by a beautiful band – Make Like A Tree here in Bali. I’ve sold a few pieces and my pouring art vas highly appreciated by an Italian artist visiting Bali.

masha eretnova
I love sometimes to go do some sip and paint evenings too!

If you’re curious to know what I’m doing besides painting, you can sneak on my Instagram. I’m a digital nomad working in marketing (ads and SEO) and I love singing 🙂 Thank you for joining me!


I welcome you to browse my works on canvas and paper or visit my art shop to buy prints and original art.

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