11 Food-Safe Epoxy Resins For Cutting Boards

is epoxy food safe

Epoxy resin is a trending craft for so many DIY projects! I made a resin ocean art, coasters, jewelry, but I am always scared of making a cutting board or a tumbler and we are all probably worried, is epoxy food safe after all?  This is actually an important question because epoxy was first introduced … Read more

IntoResin Molds Review: Amazing For Epoxy & Jesmonite

IntoResin is a young online platform to buy resin supplies and molds, and learn about crafting created by enthusiastic crafters, passionate about working with their hands and bringing beauty and art in this world. I highly support all small creative brands and decided to try their molds for resin. Are they better than others? Let’s … Read more

73 Amazing Resin Mold Ideas + DIY Mold for Epoxy Recipe

mold for epoxy

Mold for epoxy is an integral part of molding and casting resin. The silicone molds come in all shapes, sizes, and various patterns to produce the desired finished product. In this blog post, I will go over the most interesting and bestselling resin molds ideas you’ve seen on popular tutorials, as well as how to … Read more