Resiners Epoxy Bubble Removal Machine – Bubble Free in 5 minutes!

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There is nothing more annoying in resin crafters world that those pesky bubbles that keep popping! We torch them, they pop in a different spot and that’s what we do for fun πŸ™‚

But what if I tell you, our worst nightmares are about to be over and there are guys who came up with a new bubble removal machine that can get rid of 99% bubbles….

Resiners Epoxy Bubble Removal Machine
Resiners Epoxy Bubble Removal Machine ready to fight some bubbles

And it is not our old brave heat gun!

It is a cute little airless vacuum chamber Resiners created specifically for us – crafters! And today I’m going to review it to see if it is really worth the hype and ditching all our heat guns πŸ™‚

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Science behind An Efficient Bubble Removal Machine in simple terms

Enthusiats are trying for years now to find a guaranteed solution for removing bubbles from epoxy, I’ve seen people trying ultrasound machines, and we all know heat guns and mixers, and even toothpicks.

However, nothing really made pesky air bubbles go away.

And it is also a fact that there is no way we can mix the resin without havy any bubbles.

So why airless machines, ultrasonic cleaner machines, bubble removal machines all together can work?

The keys to success are very light consistent vibration and vaccuum chamber.

It is simply impossible for us to provide such a consistent light shake for 5 minutes, our hands will go numb and we will most likely change the speed and amplitude of our movements without even noticing it.

We need precision. High-quality silicone for airless seal. High stable pressure. And all in one it has finally come to play specifically for resin in one compact bubble remover machine which I’m reviewing today.

The future of resin art is here!

Resiners Resin Bubble Remover, Quickly Remove 99%…
In just 5-9 minutes, it deeply removes 99% of bubbles, leaving your resin smooth and flawless (If there are still a few air bubbles on the resin surface after the machine finishes, you can remove them by spraying alcohol, using a heat gun, or letting it sit)

Where to buy:

Resiners Airless Bubble Removal Machine Features & Benefits

Resiners Resin Bubble Remover, Quickly Remove 99% Bubble within 9 Minutes, 95kPa Vacuum Degassing Chamber, Compact Size Epoxy Resin Airless Machine for Arts Crafts Jewelry Making (Patented)
  • Unique product – there is simply not much competition but it makes sense to me that one day there should be something better than a heat gun for those who love resin art!
  • 99% Deep Bubble Removal which means that unlike regular bubble removing process you are getting rid of all bubbles, even those that may occur during curing.
  • Quick results. You have your ready to apply epoxy within 9 minutes because Resiners machine uses a technology 400% faster than regular vaccuum pumps.
  • Mess-free. The chamber is sealed, there will be no resin dripping, no need for extra clean-up which saves you time.
  • Compact design will fit perfectly evenin your home art studio and it is great for resin crafters working with jewelry – doesn’t require much space.
  • -95Kpa Ultra-High Vacuum built in this machine sucks out air 90% better than any other vaccuum chambers. It contibutes to the fact that bubbles stand no chance.
  • Airless. Traditional methods when you use a heat gun to remove bubbles still allow air to interact with resin which means it is already starting the proccess of curing and heating up, as well as dust and small particles already can get inside. With airless chamber – it is almost like a surgery room for our resin, clean, no air, no bubbles, no complications πŸ™‚
  • No need to be tech savvy. LED display will tell you exactly how many minutes left and there are only 3 buttons to choose from, no confusion.
  • If doesn’t require you to use any special cups. You probably already have your favorite cup for premixing resin, great! This machine works with ANY mixing cups below 500ml.

Resiners Airless Bubble Removal Machine Review

This is my first time experience with any sort of machines like this and I’m testing everything for the first time and reporting the very first impression.

My full video review is live on my Youtube channel:

Yes, after a few runs I will find my flow and I will update my review adding a section of how things go after a few MONTHS of using Resiners magic machine πŸ™‚

Overall score 4.3/ 5

  • design 5/5
  • size/weight 5/5
  • performance 4/5
  • price 3/5


Resiners Epoxy Bubble Removal Machine
Everything that comes in the box with the Resiners bubble remover machine

The designers work for people like me – I’m sold when I see a pretty package and cute design! I’m an easy target for marketers even though I’m myself a former marketer with years of experience and yet I have no immunity πŸ™‚

Starting from the box! Choice of colors – nice, light, subtle mint color is everywhere from cardboard to resin art on the box to the lid itself of the bubble removal machine. Cute what can I say!

It is also a very simple design, which I like. Nothing extra, nothing dramatic, no unnecessary details or elements that will fall apart within a short time.

Materials feel good. Stirdy and durable. No plastic odor, no blurred areas on clear cup. Thick walls of the chamber. I’m satisfied and I feel safe using it.


Resiners Epoxy Bubble Removal Machine size
I have small hands and the machine is very compact and easy to handle for me

Now, all the previous models of something that comes close to Resiners airless bubble removing machine were bulky, came with additional devices and are heavy.

I’m a simple crafter, I don’t need 300 cables, noisy machines, whatever pumps or anything that I can’t store in my small art studio.

Resiners machine is super light, compact, looks like a large size vase and will fit in or under my art desk or in the closet if my art studio is at my house.


Resiners Epoxy Bubble Removal Machine display
Here you control the time and see how much is left

Comparable can be an experience with an ultrasonic cleaner. On average you need at least 8 min to remove bubbles with ultrasonic cleaner, and for some cheap models 8 min is actually the max time you can set up.

It also seem to work only with small amount of epoxy.

Resiners machine can work in 2 modes – 5 min or 9 min and I think it gives you better chance to control the process and timing. And you can run it a few consecutive times.

While ultrasonic machine can only handle a little amount of mixed resin, Resiners bubble removal machine can work with cups up to 500ml.

But surely, compared to heat gun that we can use directly over the poured resin surface and just remove superficial bubbles in a few seconds, Resiners machine seem to take much longer.

Bubble Remover Machine Price

Today there is not really much bubble removal machines made for epoxy. There is no airless bubble removal machines for resin except for Resiners.

Those machines made to remove bubbles from other materials are bulky, and the prices start from $200 for compact versions.

A vaccuum chambers going for up to $300 and they all have quite a few accessories and some of them even a separate vaccuum pump that can be noisy. Not only they are more expensive than Resiners machine, they are less performant.

Ultrasonic cleaners that some people used to remove bubbles aren’t cheap as well and they weren’t even made for epoxy. Average price is from $80 to $265.

Resiners Airless Bubble Removal Machine costs around $150 if you use a 10% discount (code ACRYLICPAINTING) I secured for you or around $165 without a discount.

Alternatives for vaccum machines are heat guns, automatic mixers. An automatic mixer is not even airless and costs around $60.

Heat gun is the cheapest tool to remove bubbles, but also a heat gun removes far less than 90% of bubbles, especially if you are talking about deep bubbles.

A heat gun can cost as low as $11, and it is more a craft tool than a serious machine in most cases. It does the job but again, it cannot reach deep bubbles.

Feature / ProductResiners Airless Bubble Removal MachineUltrasonic CleanerPressure PotVaccuum MachinesHeat guns
ultrasonic cleanerpressure potvacuum machine
DesignSleak and coolSimple, more like a kitchen applianceCan be bulkyBulky, looks industrial, needs separate pumpSimple and very compact, some look cool, some look chea
PerformanceThis tool was made for resin. Works amazingly, removes up to 99% air bubbles, including deep bubbles. Cups up to 500 mlTechnically was never made for resin.
Only for small cups
Works by introducing air and there is a risk of explosion.
Removes bubbles well enough.
Works good on low viscosity resin.A popular tool for resin art.
Removes bubbles on surface.
Can be dangerous as works with very high temperatures.
Price$149-165$80-$250$200-$600$80-$265From $11 to $70

Real Experiment of Removing air bubbles With Resiners

Resiners Epoxy Bubble Removal Machine review
Mixing the resin to put it into the chamber

Now, the most important part – the performance.

One of my first attempts with resin all had bubbles, so for me the struggle was very real when I started resin art 2 years ago.

The machine can look dope and be the most stylish and fastest on the market but it has to do the job.

I’d like still to note that I’m testing average resins that I can buy being outside US and EU (I’m a nomadic artist) and I’m convinced the quality of the resin plays a huge part in curing process and application.

And it goes for the machine as well. Once I’ll be able to test it with another, high-quality, resin, I will update my review.

So, did it remove the bubbles, Masha, or not!?

The short answer – yes, the magic happened and the bubbles disappeared like they never existed. Wow! I was amazed by the whole process!

resiners bubble removal machine results
This is how Resiners bubble removal machine get rid of all the bubbles in my resin!

I first tested a 3 oz of resin mix following all the instructions for Resiners:

  1. Measure hardener and resin, try to go for 3 oz cups working with the machine to make sure it works at its best. Also opt for 1:1 ratio resin and not quick curing ones.
  2. Mix for just a little bit, do not mix fully like you would do usually.
  3. Make sure the silicone air plug is closed
  4. Remove the lid and place the cup inside the chamber.
  5. Plug in the machine, hit On and then if needed chose the mode. By default it is 5 min. In my experience, if you have less than 1 oz or 1.5 oz 5 min will be enough.
  6. *Be fascinated* for 5 to 9 minutes.
  7. If bubbles still there, repeat.

And now come the long answer.

There are different types of resins. Some of them go through all the tests and standard formulas and some not. Some of them are very clear about the ratio and the brand and the composition, and some not.

From the stand of point of us, crafters and brands like Resiners, who make something to work with resins it is practically impossible to have 100% success rate with all resins.

Higher viscosity resins and quick curing resins may not work and see all bubbles remove due to their nature and not because of the machine malfunction.

My first resin I used was exactly that. High viscosity resin I used for my ocean resin art. I wanted to test it anyway.

I couldn’t remove all the bubbles within the first 5 minutes but I saw the process kicking in. So I went for another 9 minutes. After that I still had a few bubbles and I went for extra few seconds.

how to remove bubbles from epoxy

But if I would have mixed not 2:1 as my recipe called and pre-mixed it better before putting into the chamber I would reduce the time.

I want to show you the full experience and give you tips how to work with the machine better, so learn from my “mistakes” πŸ™‚

There is nothing wrong with running a few cycles with the Resiners machine – it can handle it!

However, my resin couldn’t. It started curing a bit as it was a quick drying resin.

So use regular resin with 1:1 ratio to maximize the results and machine will work perfectly.

But can we stop for a second to acknowledge how amazing the results are?! The bubbles are GONE! Nothing feels so satisfying to me as this liquid resin having no bubbles…

Don’t jump off your socks yet though!

How you apply the resin, and its quality matters as I said.

Even if there is no bubbles in the cups, when you pour it into the mold, especially if you have decorations, stones, curves, etc, the bubbles may still appear one the surface in the mold.

Especially if you did use higher viscosity resin or your resin was quick curing. Like here in my example:

I still had bubbles, but because of my resin quality and application

It can also happen if you are like me – still a beginner. Don’t worry. Practice makes perfect.

Do I think it is too expensive? Only my personal opinion!

I do believe that for absolute beginners and occasional resin crafters it can be pricey and maybe unnecessary.

However, when resin is something you do regularly, I think it is very time consuming and tricky even without considering tons of bubbles and If I can pay to remove this stress from my creative process, I’d happily do so.

I think it works perfectly to maximize the effort, organize the art space better, save time and remove the fear of “what if there will be bubbles after all” from the work.

Especially, if you are selling epoxy crafts like jewelry, coasters, tumblers or paintings, or if you are using a clear epoxy coat for your acrylic painting for sale or display – you simply cannot gamble.

At the end of the day, epoxy itslef is not the cheapest craft to master and considering the amount of time I can reuse Resiners machine, I’d do it.

Instead Of A Sum Up – Quick Note About the Brand

Resiners Epoxy Bubble Removal Machine
Resiners Epoxy Bubble Removal Machine, lid comes off

In 21st century we aren’t just buying things online, we often care what are brands values and who is behind the brand.

I often see how big corporations can ignore customers while small businesse know for fact they need to win our trust.

I must say I first didn’t even pay attention when the brand reached out to me, as it was an email and I am simply terrible with emails.

After a few weeks I received a message on Instagram. This time I asnewered and agreed to objectively review the bubble removal machine.

Why would you agree, Masha? Bare with me, I’ll explain quickly and I hope it will tell you more about the brand.

  • the message was personal. From one human to another. Not from a brand, not from a business. It was real message, you know what I mean?
  • they never asked me to fabricate any data or even link to them (most websites want your authority and they want good reputation only).
  • they specifically asked to be honest so they can improve the product. To me it sets their intention clearly, they are not about sales and quick money, but they truly want crafters to test it and see how they can win our hearts.
  • communication was always easy and I do believe that it will be as easy if you contact them via support.
  • they offered a 10% discount for my readers and my community!

Whether you choose to buy it now or later, personally I’m grateful to have this tool.

And I’m grateful to see that brands are listening to crafters, to our struggles and they do their best to come up with technologies that will work for us. Can you imagine how risky it is to create something that is not guaranteed to win our hearts?

I do believe the art and tech can and should meet to help artists and crafters. And I’m happy to see small business like Resiners making steps towards us with tools like this little magic bubble remover machine.

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