Editorial Policy

The Editorial Policy of acrylicpaintingschool.com determines how we create content, do our research, fact-check received information, and evaluate guest posts.

Editor and main author of acrylicpaintingschool.com is an international artist, SEO writer, and teacher – Masha Eretnova.

Our main value is to create easy-to-digest, high-quality content on painting and crafts for our readers to ensure our blog is a one-stop solution for them to find inspiration, clear step-by-step tutorials, and answers to any questions they may have starting their art journey.

Editorial Goals

At acrylicpaintingschool.com we create content around art and crafts niches because it is something we are passionate about.

When publishing content we pursue the following goals:

  • Provide the community with up-to-date answers to frequent questions related to art supplies, art practices, and common issues.
  • Create a reliable source of ideas and tutorials for painters and crafters at the beginner level, artists, and collectors with advice on career and collecting art.
  • Build trust and connect with like-minded people.

Key Content Strategies and Tactics

At acrylicpaintingschool.com we are not only writing but implementing SEO strategies into our content to ensure the success of the blog.

To deliver high-quality and optimized content we rely on several tactics:

  • Solid keyword research. We don’t write random content, we implement precise content planning and we are very selective of topics we work with. If you’re a writer looking to pitch a guest post to us, make sure you have a high-volume, low-competition keyword to offer.
  • Comprehensive and helpful content. We strongly dislike fluff and vague AI-generated answers to questions our audience is looking to get some information on. An article should contain specific recommendations, and personal experience and be human-written. Helpful content doesn’t mean boring. We don’t use formal language or try to sound like a scientist, we explain everything to our readers like we would to our friends and family.
  • Structured content. A well-optimized article follows a structure that makes it easier for readers to scan through. It means it has headings, bullet points, a brief intro with straightforward answers, and an FAQ section. It assures the best user experience.
  • Give credit. We either use original images and videos or we use some that are copyright-free. In any case, you should give credit to the creator if it is a stock photo and ask for permission if it is not. Consult our DMCA policy as well.
  • Optimal word count. We aim at quality over quantity. However, we do follow 2 principles in terms of optimal word count: average of the 1sta page competition for a given keyword and not writing too much (3000+) so it tires the reader.
  • Fact-check everything. Many blogs copy information from each other without digging in and finding out if that’s true. Ex., Even if big blogs say Acrylic paint is waterproof, we won’t repeat it. We will stick to the truthful fact – it is water-resistant, not waterproof. This goes in line with our no AI policy as it often spits out untrue facts.

The ultimate question we ask ourselves every time before we click Publish is: Is our content the best (better than competitors) and most complete for our readers?

Target audience

60% of our readers are females of 3 age groups: 18-24, 25-34, 35-44 interested in hobbies.

Pain points

Our audience struggles with:

  • good art supplies recommendation
  • starting a hobby, painting, or crafting
  • navigating painting techniques
  • finding good step-by-step tutorials for beginners
  • finding precise information on products to use
  • storing their creation at home as they don’t have dedicated art studios.
  • improving their art skills.

Topics We Cover

  • acrylic painting tutorials
  • painting ideas
  • art supplies reviews and best-recommended lists
  • gouache painting
  • painting techniques
  • collecting art
  • becoming successful artist
  • pouring
  • epoxy resin art
  • jesmonite
  • watercolor painting
  • oil painting
  • miniature painting

Types of Content We Publish

  • Informational articles
  • Product lists
  • Product reviews
  • Product comparisons
  • Video reviews
  • Tutorials
  • Ideas lists
  • How-to articles on basics and troubleshooting

Things That Cannot Be Included In Your Article

  • Excessive use of affiliate links, especially if they point to another creator and not us.
  • Self-promoting and do-follow backlinks (unless we had a special agreement)
  • Direct links to our competitors
  • no paid links
  • previously published material
  • not your original material or plagiarized content
  • AI-generated content
  • PLR content
  • Irrelevant content

Submission requirements

If you are looking to write a guest post for us, prepare the following and contact us via email:

  • Include a few specific keywords relevant to our niche that you are going to write content about with an approximate word count you are ready to deliver. All content we accept must be SEO-optimized.
  • Prepare outlines beforehand. If we are interested in one of the topics we will request a detailed outline to make sure the content you will deliver is structured and easy to read for our visitors.
  • Include your short bio. We accept guest posts only from fellow crafters, we don’t work with marketers looking to promote their clients.
  • Include 3-5 samples of your work.
  • Include turnaround time.
  • Email at [email protected].
  • We usually reply within 24 hrs. We do not reply however to any general pitches that do not follow this template.

Please DO NOT submit an entire article in your first email.

We may request additional information and sign a writer’s agreement to legally protect both parties.

If you have special request please visit the contact page.