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81 Artist Residencies Around The World To Boost Your Career [FREE + PAID]

Artist residencies are artist-in-residence programs with the goal of cultivating artist communities, imagining new art forms, and radically extending artists’ skills and processes.

There are huge number of opportunities to join Artist Residencies for both new artists and experienced pros. Most of artists residencies are paid, but I found a lot of free options and some with a stipend even!

The artist in residence is offered living and working spaces to create, study and exhibit their artwork; as well as provide an opportunity for them to share their work with the wider community and take part in educational programs and other artist-in-residence activities.

An artist residency places an artist in an unusual environment to boost creativity and simply helps emerging or professional artists create.

I think it is a genius idea to have 2-8 weeks of an art retreat, especially if you’re working on your creative goals.

Table of content:


Most residence programs will ask you for the same documents. So read carefully all the details, check the deadline, and get:


  • Residency proposal – an elaborated plan for the duration of the residency. What outcome you want? Some organisations need a short paragraph, some need a detailed plan.
  • CV + biography.
  • Portfolio + likns to your website / soical media.


  • list of equipment you need.
  • dates you’d like to come.
  • references. Fewer foundations need it today, but still, be ready that mid-career programs will likely ask you for 1-2 letters.

Every program is unique and they always make a list of what you need to submit an application or an email you can contact to learn more.

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I tried to group all artist residencies I’ve found based on location:

Most programs apply fees for accommodation and food, as well as use of the facilities. Plus, most of artist residencies are open on specific dates. BUT! I got you, I gathered those programs that are either open year-round, offer stipend or don’t ask high fees (only small application fee):

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Artist residencies EUROPE

[ESTONIA] TYPA’s Artist in Residence

TYPA’s print museum and paper art studio teamed up with the Pallas University to welcome artists working with print and paper and looking for fresh perspectives. The residency is located in Tartu – Estonian UNESCO’s Creative City of Literature 2019, and European Capital of Culture 2024.

The residency covers accommodation in the center of Tartu and access to a shared creative studio with letterpress and book-making equipment. If you wish, you can invite your partner with you. TYPA can also assist and organize an exhibition, a workshop, or an artist talk as a sort of public outcome. TYPA already hosted 100+ artists and is happy to meet you too.

  • WHO: artists willing to explore print, paper and bookmaking or experienced printmakers.
  • WHEN: during the whole year (2 months minimum – 4 months maximum).
  • WHERE: Estonia.
  • FEES: 350 euros/mo including accommodation in the center of Tartu, spacious shared studio and access to all equipment, and exhibition space.
  • DEADLINE: Follow the website, they will publish dates in summer.
  • APPLY: submit your application here OR send an email email to [email protected] with a 300-word proposal for your residency plan, application form, your CV and portfolio.

More details here.

[FRANCE] DRAWinternational – Drawing Residency

John and Grete McNorton created DRAWinternational in France to help artists find a place where they can focus on work for one or three months and get ready for an exhibition, postgraduate qualification, or simply to experiment.

You will get a chance to live in a French village and share a medieval building and studio with other artists. Space for large projects,  a workshop, etching press, top-loading kiln, and a gallery for showcasing works in progress will be also available for artists in residence.

  • WHO: Artists. Most interest: drawings and notation.
  • WHEN: 6 to 12 weeks
  • WHERE: Caylus, France
  • FEES: including shared self catering accommodation, dinner for all artists once a week, individual studio space, and academic support.
  • DEADLINE: n/a, contact them directly!
  • HOW TO APPLY: submit your application with a residency proposal, short bio and CV, recent portfolio, list of needed equipment.

[FRANCE] A.I.R. Vallauris (Artists in Residence) Standard Residency

A.I.R. Vallauris invites artists working with all mediums to come and stay for 1 month. The program includes a well-equipped studio and individual accommodation. Plus, at the end of the residency, all participants can join an exhibition and a celebration at the Gallery “Aqui Siam Ben”. So far, more than 350 artists have joined this program.

  • WHO: artists (ceramists, sculptors, painters, photographers, videographers and multimedia artists)
  • WHEN (approximately based on previous years, check the website!)

Session I: feb-march
Session II: april-may
Session III: may-june
Session IV: june-july
Session V: september-october
Session VI: november-december 

  • WHERE: France.
  • FEES: upon request.
  • DEADLINE: They accept applications year-round.
  • HOW TO APPLY: request the application form by email [email protected].

[FRANCE] A.I.R. Vallauris (Artists in Residence) Atelier Tremplin Residency

A.I.R. Vallauris hosts artists in residence since 2001 and offers two major programs, one of those is Atelier Tremplin for recent graduates seeking development and a strong community.

The program is designed to guide artists through a 3-month journey with 3 exhibitions.

The fees will cover private accommodation, 2 meals per day, studio, and equipment. There is possibly a registration fee too.

  • WHO: artists and ceramists graduates.
  • WHEN: 3 sessions normally per year: February to May, May to July, and September to December.
  • WHERE: France.
  • FEES: upon request.
  • DEADLINE: end of the year for the next year, but I suggest you contact them directly!
  • HOW TO APPLY: request the application form by email [email protected].

[FRANCE] Visual Arts Residency – Usine Utopik

Keep tabs to get updates yearly, admissions close pretty quickly.

The European Pepinieres of Creation support the ADN association – USINE UTOPIK offers a 54-day residency for visual and performing artists in France. ADN – Usine Utopik is a center for contemporary art and it encourages exchange between visual art and the rural environment.

  • WHO: Artists with art degree in any discipline. Writers and researchers are welcome too. Only 3 participants at a time.
  • WHEN: usually 2 sessions per year, first around march-may, second around August- october.
  • WHERE: France.
  • FEES: including a room in the apartment, studio access, and help with exhibition organisation.
  • HOW TO APPLY: a pdf application file to [email protected] with subject line LASTNAME Firstname- Candidature arts-plastiques YEAR.

The program offers a creation grant worth € 2,250 gross and up to € 1,500 for production costs during the residence.

[ITALY] La Macina di San Cresci Program in Tuscany

A residency in the historic part of Tuscany – La Macina di San Cresci. The versatile residency program invites you to join the creative community, with the opportunity to showcase your works during the final exhibition or even in Florence.

Facilities include a 45 square meters studio, spacious historic cellars, and a church with restored organ and digital piano. Photographers will have access to the darkroom. All basic needed tools will be available.

  • WHO: artists working with drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, film, video, new media, installation, fiction and nonfiction writing, poetry, dance, music, interdisciplinary, design and architecture.
  • WHEN: 7 to 90 days.
  • WHERE: Tuscany
  • FEES: first week € 500, each following week is € 350. Deposit is 200 euros.
  • DEADLINE: Year-round.
  • HOW TO APPLY: follow the application process on the website.

[LATVIA] Autumn Residency Pedvale

The International Artist Residency Pedvale announced the last call for the Autumn residency. They can only accept 9 artists who will live and work close to Riga, Latvia.

Artists are free to use the manor where they live, private and shared studios (7 studios in total), and the outdoor sculpture park – Pedvale Art Park.

  • WHO: visual artists, writers, dancers, performance artists
  • WHEN: 4 weeks to choose from March to August.
  • WHERE: Latvia.
  • FEES: €480 per month.
  • DEADLINE: for spring session – February.
  • HOW TO APPLY: by email [email protected] with your CV, proposal, and portfolio.

[PORTUGAL] Summer Residency at Hangar

The Residency program at Hangar is fully based on international exchange and experimental projects. Hangar provides residents with 7 private room studios and a lightroom but also has partnerships with other facilities in the city. You will live in the same building where the studios are.

Other facilities also include DYA tools, a photo lab, a music atelier, and a library. The team also expects you to partake in workshops and talks to contribute to the international community.

  • WHO: artists, writers, visual artists.
  • WHEN: 1 to 3 months, dates TBD.
  • WHERE: Lisbon, Portugal.
  • FEES: €750.00/ month to €1,000.00/ month.
  • DEADLINE: depends, follow the ongoing and 10+ upcoming residencies here. Some are open to artists, some work only by invitation.
  • HOW TO APPLY: email to [email protected] and organize all application papers in ONE pdf file (CV, residency proposal, portfolio).

[FRANCE] Dora Maar Program

An international program for professional artists conceived to give more focus and exchange with the local community through monthly showcases.

Dora Maar was Picasso’s muse and partner for almost 10 years in the early 20 century. The Dora Maar House in Ménerbes was bought by Picasso for his muse.

Read carefully the application guidelines, as there are some nuances.

  • WHO: mid-career artists and scholars.
  • WHEN: 1-2 months max in a year.
  • WHERE: Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, France
  • FEES: application fee $20
  • STIPEND: daily stipend of $50 + travel allowance
  • DEADLINE: applications are accepted from February to October normally
  • HOW TO APPLY: online application.

AiRGuiniguada Gran Canaria

AiRGuiniguada Gran Canaria just extended deadlines and now accepting more applications due to our new normal lifestyle. Note that at AiRGuiniguada rooms are in fact your studio.

  • WHO: artists and researchers, philosophers and writers.
  • WHEN: 2 to 8 weeks max.
  • WHERE: Spain.
  • FEES: 2 weeks: from €550, every additional weeks: €165. But they offer early bird discounts if you apply beforehand, you can follow the deadlines here.
  • DEADLINE: ongoing.
  • HOW TO APPLY: online application guidelines. Portfolio, CV and residency plans send to [email protected].

The NES Artist Residency in Skagaströnd

Winter and being far away from everything can help ease the stress and pressure and focus on art. Plus, it is a chance to see the magnificent Northern Lights.

  • WHO: all disciplines.
  • WHEN: 2 months.
  • WHERE: Iceland.
  • FEES: from 720€ for 14 days.
  • DEADLINE: year round.
  • HOW TO APPLY: online application + an email sent to [email protected] with ONE PDF (CV, Letter of intent 500 word max and examples of work).

More Artist residencies in Europe:

The Mustarinda House in Finland waits for writers and artists in
  • [CYPRUS] The CYENS – Thinker Maker Space Artist-in-Residence Program with monthly stipend of 1,200 EUR waits for visual artists, designers and other practitioners to join their program for 2 weeks to 6 months. All questions and applications send to [email protected]. There are 3 fixed deadlines thoughout each year, June and December are the upcoming ones.
  • [ITALY] Civita Institute Fellowships – a 30-day fellowship program. Contacts [email protected]. Stipends vary from $1,750 to $2,000. There is a $40 application fee for those who are not member of the Civita Institute.
  • [NETHERLANDS] De-Ateliers – applications for the 2-year program are open. It is a large twenty-month studio and tutoring programme for emerging artists. There is a non-refundable application fee of 50 euros.
  • [FRANCE] Artist-in-Residence at CDH.
  • [NETHERLANDS] Yan van Eyck Academie in Maastricht Residency – is an 11-month program. Fee is €2,750/year excl VAT. You will get a monthly stipend of €1,000 and €2,000 per year for working project.
  • [FRANCE] A.i.R. Arts International Arts Residency Program – You can stay from 2 weeks to 2 months. Fees may be partly covered.
  • [ITALY] Villa Lena Residency – program is full quickly so better contact directly ([email protected]). Weekly charge is 150 euros.
  • [FINLAND] The Mustarinda Residency. There will be 3 sessions of 2 weeks to 2 month during year normally and the applications are open around fall.
  • [ICELAND] Artist Residency at Akureyri Art Museum welcomes artists in 3 of its studios. Applications are ongoing and the fees depend on the studio you’ll pick (start from approx. 160 euros / week). Apply by sending an email to [email protected].
  • [LITHUANIA] The KINTAI Arts Residence accepts artists, dancers, musicians and can arrange different equipment and activities. The program duration is from 1 to 3 months during summer (normally) with a fee starting from 20 eu/day. Deadline for individual artists is the 1st April. Application sent by email [email protected]. Attach your CV, portfolio, residency statement, equipment list and prefereable dates.
  • [GERMANY] Five Fine Art Scholarship from Braunschweig University of Art for young artists. This is an interesting opportunity to stay in Germany for one year with a scholarship of 1,250 EUR. Send your application to [email protected] with subject “application-bsprojects”. There are some details, please follow carefulle the official guidelines. There is no updates if they will still keep this opportunity for the next years to come.
  • [FRANCE] Cité internationale des arts welcomes multidisciplinary artists to join the residency program for 3 to 6 months. All expenses is on you.


Solo Residency and Exhibition

Open Call Solo Residency by Unit 1 Gallery is waiting for solo artists who want to join a 3-month program and exhibit the outcome.

This program is almost free, you only pay for the application, but you’ll have to find your accommodation and support your living by yourself. However, they only accept artists through Open Calls.

  • WHO: solo artists.
  • WHEN: Solo Residency from around may to july. Residency duration is 3 months.
  • WHERE: London, UK.
  • FEES: no residency fee, the application fee is £35, but some countries are expemt from the fees.
  • DEADLINE: open call deadline for Solo residency is around end of March
  • HOW TO APPLY: online application with 10 images of your works, bio, artist statement and CV.

Even if you’re reading this after the deadline, don’t be discouraged, all applicants will be considered for the next residencies. But, keep in mind, that they don’t accept any applications by email, only via online form.


[CANADA] The Banff Artist in Residence program

Canadian Banff Artist in Residence program aims for professional visual artists’ support and practice. The participants will get access to all facilities, including ceramics, sculpture, photography, print and papermaking, and Digital Media.

You can also have a chance to participate in exhibitions at Walter Phillips Gallery.

Banff offers few programs for visual artists and you need to follow the website very closely to catch the opportunity. Follow the updates for seasonal sessions here.

  • WHO: experienced visual artists with post-secondary level education or an exhibition or publication records.
  • WHERE: Canada
  • FEES: $65 ($35 for Indigenous artists), ex. of fees:
    • Program Fee : $6 929.03 (plus GST) for single room and meal plan.
    • Partly funded fees: $2 278.00 (plus GST)
    • You can apply for 100% financial assistance.
  • HOW TO APPLY: read all the guidelines carefully and apply here.

You can also find more programs on the official website, for ex., for 2d artists.

artist residencies uSA

[USA] Camera Obscura Art Lab Studio Residency

  • WHO: artists and artisans from Los Angeles County.
  • WHEN: 14 weeks; The programs are listed here but there are none open for now.
  • WHERE: Santa Monica, US.
  • FEES: No fee, BUT there is an honorarium of $2500 for the successful applicants.
  • HOW TO APPLY: applications via CaFE when they will announce the programm.

[USA] Auburn Artist in Residence Programs

All open programs are listed on the city of Auburn website. The upcoming program is for sculpture and more will be announced in Summer.

  • WHO: individual artists and creators, as well as collaborative teams of all kinds from Pacific Northwest.
  • WHEN: throughout the year.
  • WHERE: Mary Olson Farm in Auburn, Washington.
  • FEES: No fees, most programs offer stipends of $1,000-2,000.
  • DEADLINE: follow their website. TBA
  • HOW TO APPLY: Auburn website shares guidelines.

[USA] Green Box Open Projects Artist-in-residency

Green box offers open projects residency for artists, but also they have a lot of opportunities to exchange with the local community, the full list of residency options is here.

  • WHO: US and international artists, duo or artistic groups (any discipline). 
  • WHEN: TBD with the foundation individually. Duration is 30 days.
  • WHERE: Green Mountain Falls.
  • FEES: NO FEES. Meals are on residents. The Foundation will offer a stipend and accomodation.
  • DEADLINE: applications should be already open (opens around September previous to program year)
  • HOW TO APPLY: online form. Any questions address directly [email protected].

[USA] Kala Art Institute Residency

Part of equipment available

The Kala Art Insitute offers residency for up to 65 artists per session and can fulfill the creative needs of all of them: from printmaking to video production, from emerging to senior artists – everyone is welcome to join.

Once you’ve joined the community you can also have a chance to win a $3,000 stipend during KALA FELLOWSHIP AWARD.

  • WHO: US and international artists or groups (printmaking, book art, digital media, video production, etc.). 
  • WHEN: 1 to 3 months.
  • WHERE: Berkeley, California.
  • FEES: fees depend on residency duration and needs (how many times per week you need a studio) and start from $300 + accomodation fees $800. Meals are not included.
  • DEADLINE: they are reviewing application three times per year: March 15, July 15, and October 15
  • HOW TO APPLY: Only online applications.

[USA] The Emmanuel College Artist Residency

This residency program is open for 4 artists each year, one per discipline: ceramics, photography, printmaking, and social practice.

  • WHO: 4 artists from 4 disciplines: ceramics, photography, printmaking and social practice
  • WHEN: follow their website
  • WHERE: Emmanuel College.
  • FEES: No fees, stipend of $1000. For international artists reimbursement for travel and visa of additional $1000.
  • HOW TO APPLY: online form.

[USA] Joshua Tree Highlands Artist Residency

  • WHO: international artists (all media, all levels).
  • WHEN: 6 weeks, choose your season.
  • DEADLINE: 10 January .
  • FEES: $45.
  • STIPEND: $1,000
  • APPLY: via CaFE platform.

[USA] Artist in Residence

  • WHO: US experienced artists (all media) who can host an open studio one day per week.
  • WHEN: 6 weeks to 3 months.
  • WHERE: California, US
  • DEADLINE: rolling.
  • FEES: $25.
  • APPLY: via CaFE platform.

[USA] Hambidge Center’ Artist Residencies

  • WHO: established and emerging artists (all media), writers, scientists, culinaty arts.
  • WHEN: 2 to 8 weeks.
  • WHERE: California, US
    • January 15 for the May through August session.
    • April 15 for the September to December session.
    • September 15 for the mid-February through April session.

More residence programs in the US and Canada:

  1. SKOWHEGAN Residency – Keep an eye to not miss upcoming sessions. The earlier you apply the smaller fee you pay.
  2. Summer Creative Residency at Chulitna Research Institute – deadline for summer applications has passedm follow them for updates. They do offer not only residency but fellowships.
  3. RAIR – Residency Programs application is TBA. Application fee is only $30. The $1,000 stipend will be granted. Both emerging and mid-career artists are eligible.
  4. Shenandoah National Park Artist-in-Residence Program
  5. Mother’s Milk Artist Residency.
  6. Artist in Residence Appalachian Center for Crafts – a 1-year program. Dates TBA
  7. John Michael Kohler Center Arts & Industry Program – Applications are normally accepted till March,14.
  8. The Anderson Center at Tower View Residency to get into the program for the next year you need to apply at the end of this year.
  9. MOA Artists in Residence Program .
  10. Roswell Artist-in-Residence Program – program with a stipend of $1100 per month.
  11. MacDowell Colony Residency
  12. Dry Tortugas National Park Residency – A program with a stipend of $3,000 for living and working in a Lighthouse. Deadline TBA.
  13. Fort Uninon National Monument Residency – stipend is $1,000. Deadline TBA.
  14. Hawaii Volcanoes National Park Residency – another artist-in-residency program by NPAF. A $3,000 stipend will be granted too.
  15. NXTHVN Studio Fellowship it is a year-long fellowship. They do 4 cohorts within a year.
  16. The Studios at MASS MoCA Residency Program – program accepts applications twice a year, and the application typically opens 2 months before that deadline, check if they are open on their website.
  17. Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts. Application is going through open calls. They offer a $1,000 USD monthly stipend and normally 3 sessions during a year.
  18. Stochastic Labs Residency – with $1k monthly stipend. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis, no deadlines.
  19. Good Hart Artist Residency – applications will be open mid-November for next year and will be closed very quickly, so don’t miss it. The program is for visual artists, writers, and composers. A $500.00 stipend is offered, along with some food.
  20. 18th Street Artist Residencies offer several programs ranging from 1 months to several years. Keep monitoring the website or simply submit for waitlist.
  21. Oak Spring Garden Foundation Residency – a 2 to 5-week residency for artists and writers, researchers and scientists with individual grants from $800 to $2000.
  22. Mendocino Art Center Artists in Residence Program – This program is national (US). There is an application fee of $40.
  23. The ArtsLink International Fellowship program is open for artists from specific countries, please check if your country is on the list.
  24. [CANADA] SPAO’s Artist Residency – is a 6-month program. Applications accepted few times per year: january and october especially. Note that fees are high – $5,500, however the program provides $3000 to artists from racialized and underrepresented areas.
  25. [CANADA] Est-Nord-Est Residency – three sessions is arrenged during the year (8 weeks each), honorarium of CAD $1,530.
  26. [MEXICO] 360 Xochi Quetzal Personal Residency for artists and writers 23 y.o.+ from 2 weeks to 4 months.
  27. [MEXICO] Arquetopia Art, Design or Photography Residency Program for all creative disciplines.

DOZENS of national artist residencies programs are always open via CaFE website, they keep all data accurate and up to date.


[Costa Rica] Artist Way Residency

A mix of spirituality, nature, and creativity in Costa Rica. Check available programs on their website.

  • WHO: emerging or mid-career artists. 
  • WHEN: they announce dates per sessions on their website, but don’t provide schedule for the whole year.
  • WHERE: Costa Rica.
  • FEES: $2000 for 4 weeks.
  • DEADLINE: No programs are open for now.
  • HOW TO APPLY: online form.


Casa na Ilha Art Residency Program

The residence will host 2 to 6 artists on the paradise island in Brazil.

The Casa Na Ilha program fits perfectly an experienced artist’s needs as it is a 100% self-directed residency that will allow you to focus entirely on your project. Yet, for your convenience, there is always a tutor ready to guide you.

The island itself is a beautiful place to reset your mind, find some inspiration, free your creativity and work hard: waterfalls, preservation area, native Caicaras community, Atlantic rainforest fauna – great balance between isolation, nature, and artistic environment.

The studio’s windows look at the beach and the ocean – it sounds like a perfect place to me!!

  • WHO: both emerging and professional artists, photographers, writers, researchers, and more disciplines. Individuals or groups.
  • WHEN: 2 to 4 weeks.
  • WHERE: Ilhabela Island, Brazil
  • FEES: from 450 to 875 USD per week including daily breakfast and dinner, accommodation in a beachfront artists’ house, access to a shared studio, and working spaces. The total fees depend on the type of accommodation.
  • DEADLINE: no
  • HOW TO APPLY: email to [email protected]. Attach your statement, biography, portfolio (12 pieces max), and lint to your website if you have one. Apply online to ease the process.

La wayaka current Residency Expedition

La Wayaka Current offers an exotic experience and invite you to leave behind all the distractions and technologies of the modern world and to join a remote indigenous community and try to work within tools and approaches that will be available in a Tropical environment (Guna Yala province) or Atacama Desert of Chile.

Challenging, right?

No comfortable studios, no sophisticated equipment – only you and nature. Huge opportunity for exchange and learning, expanding your creative limits.

  • WHO: artists, musicians, writers, curators, activists, scientists, and others.
  • WHEN: depending on the program (Tropic, Desert or Arctic). 3 to 6 weeks
  • WHERE: Tropic Program in Guna Yala province, Panama; Desert program in Chile.
  • FEES: Fees include everuthing and you can ask for some financial aid, if you can explain why you need it. If you are able to cover everything yourself, you have to contact the La Wayaka Team directly.
  • DEADLINE: ongoing.
  • HOW TO APPLY: Apply via website.

[PERU] Arquetopia Art, Design or Photography Residency Program

Arquetopia Foundation offer a variety of programs for artists, art teachers, ceramists, and writers, textile artists, including those who prefer to work with natural pigments.

They also are happy to welcome you in one of the 4 locations: 2 places in Mexico, Peru or Italy. Every program includes full-board, accommodation, studios and mentorship.

Full list of available programs is here.

  • WHO: artists (all styles and disciplines), designers and photographers, ceramists, textile.
  • WHEN: 3 to 8 weeks – you decide the dates.
  • WHERE: Cusco (Peru)
  • DEADLINE: you can email them directly to find out how to apply even if the deadline is passed already.
  • FEES: USD $35.00 donation (tax-deductable).
  • APPLY: Online application or [email protected].


I visited Buenos Aires in 2024 and was researching possible residency opportunities. I didn’t find any free options.

  • RARO residency is available in English and Spanish. Cost per week is around $150 without access to the final exhibition, or around $960 for 4-5 weeks including the group exhibition. You have access to multiple (and they have a lot!!!) amazing workshop areas for ANY discipline.
  • Smaller private art centers often open workshops or talleres in Spanish. I’ve seen one for printmaking/


[GEORGIA] Residency at AqTushetii

AqTushetii is a residency program for artists, scientists, writers, and musicians.

The site is located in a village and has a creative environment with 4 art studios, outdoor working areas, a library, pottery studio, photo darkroom, a professional sound system, a variety of musical instruments, including Georgian traditional music instruments, a gallery, and a stage, and so much more!

Selected artists will exhibit their works in Tbilisi.

  • WHO: only 12 spots available. Fields: art, music, writing, science.
  • WHEN: 14 days – 1 month.
  • WHERE: Omalo, Georgia.
  • FEES: around 30 euros/day.
  • HOW TO APPLY: Send a brief portfolio and one paragraph of residency plan to [email protected].


[GREECE] The Mudhouse Residency

A remote authentic mountain village of Agios Ioannis hosts the Mudhouse Artist in residence program to immerse you in culture, nature, and creative process.

You will live in a house or apartment in the village and have 24/7 access to an open studio in the center of the village.

Yet, you have to bring your art supplies, as there is no art store. A closing exhibition will celebrate the end of the residency.

  • WHO: artists, photographers, writers, choreographers and composers. 14 residents max.
  • WHEN: 2 weeks per session, follow their website to check updates.
  • WHERE: Crete, Greece.
  • FEES: €2100 for the two weeks including accomodation and 3 meals per day. It is possible to get a financial aid of 10% discount.
  • DEADLINE: 15 Jan
  • HOW TO APPLY: Application form.

[SERBIA] Residency Belgrade Art Studio (PETIT)

This year Belgrade Art Studio launched a new format – Petit Studio Residency, where “petit” literally means “small”.

This program encourages talented artists to work on small projects and have a specific budget.

Unfortunately, as this is a smaller space – an apartment in the Dorcol historic building, only one artist or an artist couple is allowed at a time in the residency.

So there are no shared studio or other artists with you.

  • WHO: artists, designers, photographers, writers working on small projects.
  • WHEN: the program starts on the 3rd October and you can join for 2 weeks up to 3months.
  • WHERE: Belgrade, Serbia.
  • FEES: upon request, as well as financial support. One fellowship per year.
  • DEADLINE: Rolling – the 1st of each month.
  • HOW TO APPLY: use the application form. For more detail email [email protected].

[SERBIA] Residency Belgrade ART Studio

The “full” version of the Belgrade artist in residence program is their Art Studio Residency – a non-profit program for international creative collaboration, practice, and research.

Historical environment and art-oriented environment helps you recharge and work.

This program comparing to Petit Studio offer more space for your creativity, still, it will be your private space to live and work.

  • WHO: artists, researchers, writers, photographers, thinkers.
  • WHEN: the program starts on the 4 October and you can join for 2 weeks up to 3months.
  • WHERE: Belgrade, Serbia.
  • FEES: upon request, as well as financial support.
  • DEADLINE: Rolling – the 1st of each month.
  • HOW TO APPLY: use the application form. For more detail email [email protected].


[MOROCCO] Cafe Tissardmine Residency

Cafe Tissardmine Artist in Residency is a unique opportunity to discover the Berber culture and focus on your creative process in a remote and quite isolated village in the Moroccan Sahara.

Keep in mind, that Internet access and electricity are not always guaranteed. You will also have to bring everything you need with you.

This residency program is perfect for rebooting yourself in isolation and peace, but it doesn’t seek any specific outcome or exhibition.

  • WHO: self-motivated artists of any discipline. 9 artists max.
  • WHEN: min 3 weeks, see the schedule below and check availability on their website, they are often fully booked.
  • WHERE: Moroccan Sahara, Morocco.
  • FEES: 9,000 MAD (approximately 850 Euro) for 3 weeks, including full board, accommodation and some transportation.
  • DEADLINE: applications should be reopened in March.
  • HOW TO APPLY: send your CV, proposal and portfolio to [email protected].


BigCi Hosted Artist Residencies

BigCi residency program was created by an artist and an environmentalist, and it’s not surprising, that it will take place in the UNESCO Listed the Blue Mountains near Sydney.

This location is ideal for someone whose art is about sustainability, ecology, and nature.

There are 4 large workplaces for residents, Six meters high Grand Hall, library, barn, bushwalks, more facilities and Open day will be also available.

  • WHO: artits, painters, sculptors, writers, musicians, and others.
  • WHEN: 4 to 10 weeks.
  • WHERE: Wollemi National Park, Australia
  • FEES:Australian artists AUD$250 (plus $25 GST) per week, Foreigners – AUD$300 (plus $25 GST). There is also a refundable bond of AUD$500, and organisations fees of AUD$500 for Australian artists and AUD$600 for international participants.
  • DEADLINE: year-round

Dreamfarm Summer Creative Residency

Dreamfarm Creative Residency is self-directed and offers artists low-tech private studios to make sure they can accomplish what they came for.

There are 4 seasons and you can apply for any of them and benefit from diverse Australian nature and its annual changes.

As the workplaces are private, they are combined with your accommodation, but you can also use the Open studio, garage workshop, shared kitchen, library, tools and musical instruments, and outdoor space. The whole ambiance is super cozy and feels like your grandpa’s house in the mountains.

  • WHO: artists, writers, musicians, dancers, crafters, researchers. 4-8 participants max.
  • WHEN: 2 to 4 weeks during the year
  • WHERE: Australia
  • FEES: depending on the chosen accomodation, fees start at AUD$250 per week, no meals included.
  • DEADLINE: no
  • HOW TO APPLY: use online application form.


  1. [TAIWAN] Tsung-Yeh Artist Village Residency – new season not opened yet.

Online Artist Residencies

This is not technically a working residency, it is an opportunity for being selected by Jury and featured online.

  • WHO: established artists of traditional painting styles.
  • DURATION: 1 year.
  • FEES: $65. Refundale if you’re not selected by the Jury.
  • APPLY: Online application form.

SomoS Berlin Virtual Artist Residency

  • WHO: artists of all levels.
  • WHEN: rolling at the beginning of every month
  • DURATION: 3 months.
  • FEES: 450€.
  • APPLY: to [email protected] with portfolio, CV, artist statement, project proposal and dates. Subjecy line for the email – “Virtual Artist Residency Application”.

Belgrade Art Studio Online Residency

  • WHO: artists of all levels and mediums.
  • DURATION: 4 weeks.
  • FEES: upon request.
  • APPLY: [email protected] (CV, resume, proposal, portfolio, artist statement).

The WOC Online Artist Residency

  • WHO: visual artists of all levels and mediums, curators, illustrators, designers, writers, sound artists, and art researchers
  • WHEN: one-two months (each session is starting the 5th day of the month).
  • DURATION: 1-2 months. Recommended duration is two months.
  • FEES: 270 EUR for one month, 450 EUR for two months.
  • APPLY: online application only.

Artists in Residence in Motherhood

Artists-in-Residence-in Motherhood

An alternative special residency programs for artists who are also mothers. No complicated application, online, and absolutely FREE! It is a self-guided program.

  • WHO: artistic mothers.
  • WHEN: you decide the duration and when to start and finish.
  • DEADLINE: No deadlines
  • FEES: No fees.
  • APPLY: simple application.

Artists at Risk (AR)

Global campaign for artists, performers, curators and writers who are facing life risk, threats, unjust imprisonment or any persecution.

Absolutely unique program that was created by Ivor Stodolsky and Marita Muukkonen.

Apply only if you’re at risk. The foundation will provide you with all needed information. Follow the process as described here.

Contemporary Activist Visual Art Performance with Martha Wilson

  • WHO: artists-activists.
  • DEADLINE: No deadlines, but only 6 slots were left when I checked last time.
  • FEES: last year it was €299

Artist Residencies FAQ

Where I can find open calls, fellowships, residencies?

You can bookmark this post or monitor other useful platforms for artists:

  • RIVET – open calls and residencies
  • – huge list of programs.
  • This resource always has a selection of very unique, alternative resideny programs, including programs for theatres, musicians, artists at risk, mothers, minorities, etc.
  • Facebook group OPEN CALLS – they publish every day some opportunities, few of them are exclusive and you won’t find them anywhere else, as art galleries or studios post them directly on Facebook without having a dedicated webpage.
  • Anothe huge FB group collecting open calls for artists.

I only mention free resources, but there are some paid subscriptions too that will notify you about upcoming residency programs. I don’t use them and can’t recommend any.

Do artists get paid for residency?

Most artist residencies are paid in some form, for example in food or accommodation. A resident pays a fee to cover facilities, food, and accommodation. Some programs offer financial aid, including stipend or pratial/full coverage of your travel and accommodation costs.

Note that some artist residencies have an application fee.

How do I start an art residency?

Most artist residencies don’t require a Bachelors’s degree in art or design, but all programs will ask for your portfolio and CV.

The most important part of your application will be a proposal – a written plan for your residency. The committee would like to know what are your goals and why you think this program is for you, as well as if you realize the special conditions of the program, ex., a residency in a desert.

What is an artist in residence program?

It is an in person or online program created for visual artists, painters, crafters, writers and other disciplines to help them simply focus on their art.
The main goal is to provide studio space and all conditions for someone to create a series of work. Some artist in residence programs are followed by a show or an exhibition.

It is a professional development opportunity and great creative practice for art professionals.

What should I expect from an artists residency?

The artist residency is an opportunity for artists to have the freedom to explore their own creativity without being restricted by too many preconceived notions. Artists are given time and space away from their usual routine to come up with new ideas, collaborate with other artists, develop new ways of working and learn something new.

The artist residency also provides artists with a unique opportunity to investigate ideas in a safe, supportive environment – away from the pressures of home or work.
Artist residencies are an excellent way to experience an artist’s life and indulge your creative side. Living in a new place is also valuable for any artist, as it opens fresh perspectives on art and their craft.

If you’re not sure if your procrastination is caused by a rational or irrational belief, keep working on changing your behaviors to see if there are any changes in your procrastination. Keep trying different things until you find something that works.

How long do art residencies last?

The average artist residency lasts 2-6 weeks, but some programs will allow artists to stay up to 3 months. This is so called “visiting artists” programms.

Few art studios provide a full programs for young or experienced artists lasting for 11 to 24 months.