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87 Adorable Pregnant Belly Painting Ideas for Boys and Girls

Do you love collecting memories? If the answer is yes, chances are you’d want to document your pregnancy journey. Why not try belly painting? Below I’ve listed 50 adorable pregnant belly painting ideas for boys and girls.

Make the most of your round belly! Turn it into a ball, snow globe, or any round object you can think of. Manifest your dreams for your child and turn them into a belly painting. Are you having a boy or a girl? Belly painting is also a fantastic way to reveal your baby’s gender! 

In this article, you will find many pregnant belly painting ideas, tips, and safe belly painting brands! Have fun discovering!

All Best Pregnant Belly Painting Ideas Upfront

  1. Rise Like an Eagle
  2. Roar Like a Lion
  3. Go Get That Ball
  4. Gotta Catch That Ball
  5. Goal!
  6. Giving Bart
  7. Boss Baby
  8. I Am Groot
  9. Ohana
  10. Pika! Pika!
  11. Baby Batman
  12. Super Saiyan
  13. Spidey
  14. Wondermom with the Superkid
  15. Li’l Bro
  16. Le Petit Prince
  17. Abstract
  18. Linework
  19. Chirping Together
  20. Butterflies
  21. Ladybug
  22. Pink Owl
  23. Minion
  24. Minnie-Me
  25. Tinkerbell
  26. A Wish Come True
  27. Blossoming
  28. It’s a Magical Ride
  29. Enchanting
  30. Your Little Mermaid
  31. Unique-orn
  32. Brocolli
  33. Angel
  34. It’s Baby Girl
  35. Baby Unicorn Princess
  36. Minnie Mouse
  37. Butterfly with Flowers
  38. Sunflowers
  39. Happy Face
  40. Peacock Art
  41. Panda
  42. Fashion Girl
  43. Welcome Greetings
  44. Sweets
  45. Happy Family
  46. Sleeping Baby
  47. The Bomb
  48. Feet
  49. Moonscape
  50. Kinder Joy
  51. Musical Note
  52. Royalty
  53. Tree
  54. Ultrasound
  55. Baby Superman
  56. Real Womb
  57. Cool Boys
  58. Baby Swimmer
  59. Twins Idea
  60. Cosmic Belly
  61. The Lion King Painting
  62. Bear
  63. World
  64. Cracking Eggs
  65. Loading
  66. Fishes
  67. Watermelon
  68. Giraffe
  69. Ribbon
  70. Real Boy
  71. Puppy
  72. Monkey
  73. Baby Elephant
  74. Stork Bringing Your Baby
  75. Baby Lion
  76. Turtle
  77. Bail from Jail
  78. Astronaut Boy
  79. It’s a Boy
  80. Scary Cat
  81. I’m Coming Out
  82. Cookie Monster
  83. Eyeball
  84. Coco-inspired Belly Painting
  85. Crawling with Spiders
  86. Mike
  87. Plump-kin
  88. Evil Witch

Pregnant Belly Painting Ideas

The primary goal of pregnant belly painting is to make your preggy journey a bit lighter! So, tap into your heart’s desires-whether for you or your baby, and turn that into a belly painting. 

Have fun, and get your creative juices running! Think of a round object, your comfort food, animated films, and books. Any idea will do as long as you’re having a good time and making memories while at it.

Below I go into more detail about each pregnant belly painting idea for boys, girls, and Halloween!

Painting your or your wife’s belly can actually be an idea for your next date night, why not?

Pregnant Belly Painting Ideas for Boys

  1. Rise Like an Eagle
Credit: Carolyn

Moms-to-be would like to see their sons soar like an eagle! Manifest this dream of yours by having it painted on your belly!

  1. Roar Like a Lion
Pregnant Belly Painting Ideas
Credit: Lana Chromium

Lions symbolize courage and strength. And every Mom hopes that her child embodies such qualities.

  1. Get That Ball

No better way to reveal your baby’s gender than by painting a ball on your belly! It doesn’t matter if it’s a basketball, baseball, or soccer ball.

  1. Giving Bart
Author unknown 🙁

Remember Bart Simpson? This is a fun way to announce to the whole world that you’re about to give BART (give birth to a baby boy)! Get it? 

  1. Boss Baby

Who’s the boss? Your baby boy is!

  1. I Am Groot

A marvel fan? I won’t be surprised if you choose Groot to be painted on your belly! He is adorable, even if he can only say three words!

Credit: Pintamonas
  1. Ohana Means Family

A painting of Stitch is a silent promise to your child that he will always have a place in this world surrounded by people who love him.

  1. Pika! Pika!

Mama, I choose you!

  1. Superheroes

Boys love their superheroes! Choose a superhero that you’d love your child to emulate:

  1. Superman

Waiting for your little hero to be born and you are a fan of DC? Superman is then your choice of pregnant belly painting!

  1. Super Saiyan

Love your Dragon Ball Z fix? Pick a Saiyan you love. And remember, you are SUPER too. 

Credit: Coral Leyva
  1. Wondermom with the Superkid

Get rid of the maternity clothes for a day and transform into a wonder-mom with a super kid in her belly!

  1. Li’l Bro

This is perfect if it is your second child and you can allow your first born to paint your belly. Apart from “Little Brother,” you can actually paint your fave quote or your child’s name if you already have one. 

  1. Le Petit Prince

Did reading get you through this adventure? Paint your beloved protagonist (or anti-hero) as an appreciation for his/her help.


15. It’s a boy

[image Credit:, IG]

Are you expecting a baby boy? So, this “It’s a Boy” painting will fill your expectation with enormous love and happiness. Do you dream about his future, will he be a soccer player or play guitar? Add some details from your dreams, maybe they will come true?!

Pregnant Belly Painting Ideas for Girls

  1. Mandala 

A mandala is a nice option if you don’t want your entire belly painted. It will be also perfect for moms loving spiritual journey.

by Lynn Schockmel
Credit: Laureline Martine
[Image Credit: Julie Mansfield
  1. Linework

Just watching the artwork come together is not enough? Why not paint your belly yourself? For this project, you’ll only need white paint and a brush.

  1. Chirping Together

A family that has fun together stays together!

Credit: Laureline Martine
  1. Butterflies

Butterflies signify growth and new beginnings. Celebrate this new season of your life with colorful butterflies!

Credit: Marcela Bustamante
  1. Ladybug

Belly painting ideas don’t have to be sentimental. You have a bulbous canvas. Play with it. 

Credit: The belly art project moms supporting moms (Blakely, Sara)
  1. Pink Owl
Credit: Marcela Bustamante

While you can wash off this pink owl belly paint, the memento, and the fun while doing it will last forever!

  1. Minion

Ba-ba-ba ba-ba-na-na. Did you go bananas over minions too? If yes, you’d be giddy having this little minion painted on your belly.

  1. Minnie-Me

Welcome your mini you with this adorable Minnie Mouse character.

  1. Tinker Bell

Mamas are real-life Tinker Bells; feisty, sassy, and, most importantly, loyal to their future little fairy.

  1. A Wish Come True
Credit: Lana Chromium

Did you wish on a dandelion once and let the wind carry it? Perhaps THIS is your wish that came true.

  1. Blossoming

No idea yet what object you’d like to paint on your belly? Look to nature for inspiration.

  1. It’s a Magical Ride

Let your little one know how excited you are about having her in your life! Take photos and put them in her baby book.

  1. Enchanting
Credit: Marcela Bustamante

A baby girl can cast a spell on everyone around her, even before birth!

  1. Your Little Mermaid

Before she starts crawling or walking, she is swimming inside you. And therefore, she’s your little mermaid. 

Credit: Marcela Bustamante
[Image Credit: sophievmua]
  1. Unique-orn

Your child is unique, and so are you and Unicorns!

  1. Brocolli

Have you been craving broccoli during your pregnancy? Express that love with belly painting! Of course, you can switch broccoli with your other craving!


Pregnant Belly Painting Ideas for Boys and Girls

Here are some gender-neutral belly painting ideas for moms and dads who don’t want to know their baby’s gender yet: 

  • Loading

Probably one of my most favorite pregnant belly painting idea that works both for boys and girls is “loading” idea. I find it super fun and super easy to paint!

[Image Credit: Regilia]

[Image Credit: mon_belly_art, IG]

[Image Credit: pregnancycorner]

  1. The Bomb
Credit: The belly art project moms supporting moms (Blakely, Sara)

Show off your bomb before it explodes! Have fun, take photos, and give them as a gift to your husband.

  1. Feet

Looking for a heartwarming idea to remember this journey by? The kids grow soooo fast! Take a moment to remember each moment.

You can as well paint little hands 🙂

[Image Credit: simplebehappy, IG]
Can be little hands or future baby, of his or her siblings or of your loving partner.
  1. Coco-inspired Belly Painting

One day, when your child is old enough, you can watch Coco and tell the story behind your belly painting!

Credit: Belly Art Project by Sara Blakely
  1. Moonscape

Isn’t it amazing that your child can bring so much light to your darkest nights? And it’s not even born yet.

Credit: Lana Chromium
  1. Kinder Joy

Don’t you love the anticipation of not knowing what toy you’ll get when you buy Kinder Joy?

And it’s the same feeling as parents who don’t want to know their baby’s gender before the mom gives birth.

  1. Musical Note

Is the dad a music lover? Or perhaps you both? This musical note is a quirky way of showing your passion for music. 

Credit: The belly art project moms supporting moms (Blakely, Sara)
  1. Royalty

Your little prince/princess deserves royalty treatment. And maybe one day, he/she will treat you like a Queen.

  1. Tree

Spring-themed belly painting idea? Here’s a tree blooming with flowers.

Credit: Marcela Bustamante
  1. Ultrasound

Need a unique idea to tell your friends that your #imhavingababy? A hyper-realistic image of your baby in the womb will do the job. 

  1. Angel
[Image Credit: emokehidinepasztor, IG]

Love and care! ‘Angel’ painting is getting the right target to show the relationship between a pregnant woman and her baby girl.

It can be an idea for those mothers-to-be who waited very long time for their angel.

  1. It’s Baby Girl
[Image Credit: mon_belly_art, IG]

Simple and cute idea to welcome your baby girl!

  1. Baby Unicorn Princess

Baby Unicorn princess artwork increases the love and happiness of getting a beautiful baby. It represents that the cute one is going on to come soon.

  1. Minnie Mouse
[Image Credit: valepiccere, IG]

Baby Minnie Mouse painting will be a great way to have baby princess thinking.

It brings favourite pink color of most of the girls which can be a right sign of joy and love for the upcoming baby.

  1. Butterfly with Flowers
[Image Credit: chiaraballerini_, IG]

Another beauty of colors and very easy pregnant belly painting! Butterflies are tiny beautiful creatures, fragile and gentle just as a baby!

  1. Sunflowers
[Image Credit: panartbeauty, IG]

Sunflowers are just such joyful and summery flowers! If you are waiting for your baby during summer or early fall, and you love sunflowers, this is a perfect belly painting for you 🙂

  1. Happy Face
[Image Credit: Catherine Mies]

Pregnant women can draw a happy face on their pregnant belly to express happiness and love. You can add some details to mark if it is a boy or girl (like in the example)

  1. Peacock Art
[Image Credit: made_creatives, IG]

Peacock is such a majestic bird! Yet it is quite challenging to paint a realistic peacock and requires some patience.

  1. Panda
[Image Credit: ludmi_pintacaritas, IG]

Pandas are the cutest! Have you seen all these videos of them having fun rolling around? Oh my god, they are adorable! Baby panda on your belly is a cute idea to paint.

  1. Fashion Girl
[Image Credit: lafatatrucchina_bodyart, IG]

It is hard to say No to our little fashionistas and so fun to watch them grow and explore their beauty, trying mom’s shoes and lipstick 🙂 If you are waiting for a baby girl, a cute fashion girl may be a good belly painting idea!

  1. Welcome Greetings
[Image Credit: tuzuru11, IG]

Welcome greeting painting can be the perfect way to indicate your last stage of pregnancy. It brings a strong feeling of the upcoming occurrence of a new one in your family. It can be painted or you can actually use a temporary tattoo or stickers for pregnant women of flowers and handwriting.

  1. Sweets
[Image Credit: lilas_craie, IG]

Do you like Ice Cream and sweets? I have a sweet tooth and I can’t leave without a dessert! Chocolate brings so much happiness as does pregnancy – here we go, an idea for cute belly painting!

  1. Happy Family
[Image Credit: saritapiri, IG]

Always be together! A Happy family painting encourages your family goals and brings all family members together in this beautiful moment.

  1. Sleeping Baby

Sleeping baby paintings are a perfect match for both boys and girls. The baby sleeps inside the womb for a long time. Sleeping babies are indeed the cutest. You can go for a sleeping baby painting for a happy and bright pregnancy journey.

  1. Real Womb
[Image Credit: Evkrieken]

If you are not into fantasy painting, try to stay as close as reality as possible and paint the real womb and how your baby is inside it. It may bring you two closer and you can visualise your baby better.

  1. Zipper

It would be very convenient if women can just unzip their bellies to bring new babies to life lol! While it is not that easy, you can still have fun painting your belly with a baby poking out 🙂

  1. Baby Swimmer

You can paint your little captain on your belly! This one is perfect belly painting for those in love with sailing.

  1. Expecting twins

Expecting twins? Let’s paint them together as your favorite cartoon characters, for example Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse!

  1. Cosmic Belly
[Image Credit: Bart Everson]

Pregnancy and birth are trylu magical and some cosmic processes are happening within. You can paint a detailed and realistic Universe, or just simple moon and stars with planets.

  1. The Lion King Painting

The lion king is an iconic animation movie. The most important thing the movies teach us is to work together as a family. You can paint the famous moment with Rafiki holding Simba on the cliff or any other moment from the cartoon.

  1. Teddy Bear
[Image by Bollepret from Pixabay]

Teddy bears were so popular and every girl wanted one! They are super cute and actually easy to paint on your belly 🙂

  1. World

Your baby means the whole world to you and it is absolutely magical to hold him or her for the first time. Or maybe this painting idea resonates with you as you are a traveling family? Either way it is a pretty belly painting idea you can do together with your partner.

  1. Cracking Eggs

Last few weeks? You can feel your baby coming? Have some fun and distract yourself from any worrying thoughts with this fun painting idea.

  1. Fishes

The beautiful underwater family on your belly can be very calming. Or maybe your baby will be a Pisces?

  1. Watermelon
[Image Credit: oddharmonic]

Pregnant belly size is perfect for painting a big nice and juicy watermelon! And this is a super easy painting idea as well. If it happens to be your fav fruit, then it’s even better!

  1. Baby Giraffe

Draw that Baby Giraffe painting for both boys and girls! Giraffes are fun, smart and beautiful animals that always stay together!

  1. Perfect Gift Ribbon

[Image Credit: Jennifer Alvarez]

Open your gift soon! There is a special gift for you – your baby! Easy painting idea on your belly is to just paint a cute ribbon across your belly.

  1. Baby
[Image Credit: Mari Hernandez]

This simple belly painting is a great option for a quick painting, and will work great for baby boy or baby girl if you will add some cute details.

  1. Puppy
[Image Credit: Veronique Engelen]

Puppies are cute, small, fun to watch and just little balls of happiness! Choose pink or blue depending on who are you expecting!

  1. Monkey
[Image Credit: Olwvilla]

Little monkey will soon be monkeying around! Are you ready?!

  1. Baby Elephant
[Image Credit: Ivona’s Magic Colors]

Stronger and capable of doing anything! This baby elephant painting can be the ultimate choice. Baby elephants are also fun to watch grow, especially how they learn to use their trunks!

  1. Stork Bringing Your Baby
[Image Credit: Anna Small]

There is a cute legend that some parents used to tell their children when they ask where di they come from – storks bring babies! It turns out that storks tend to leave and come back exactly 9 monets after and this is where the legend started 🙂

You can put the name of the side.

  1. Baby Lion
[Image Credit: ʟᴀᴜʀᴀ ꜰᴜꜱᴄᴏ ɪʟʟᴜꜱᴛʀᴀᴢɪᴏɴɪ]

Expecting baby in August? Paint baby lion – the king of all animals!

  1. Turtle
[Image Credit: madamechicon]

Wise turtles from the seas or cute turlte from a cartoon – your choice! Avery peaceful belly painting idea for ocean lovers.

  1. Bail from Jail
[Image Credit: Katie Pearson]

For those who love a good time laughing I think it is a perfect and hilarious belly painting. Your baby can’t wait to escape!

  1. Astronaut Boy
[Image Credit: alexanderhuyghebaert, IG

There is nothing impossible for our babies to accomplish and as parents you will always be there to support even their crzaiest dreams.

Pregnant Belly Painting Ideas for Halloween

  1. Scary Cat

Spook your husband with this scary-looking cat or maybe you are Alice in the Wonderland fan? For the best effect, have your belly painted between 7-8 months of pregnancy. 

  1. I’m Coming Out

Watch out because I’m coming! (Insert evil laugh)



  1. Cookie Monster

Not fond of sweets, but suddenly, you always crave them during pregnancy? Perhaps you’re carrying the cookie like a the Cookie monster?!

  1. Eyeball

Pregnancy can bring people together. Pitch this idea to your preggy friend. And make beautiful memories together!

Credit: The belly art project moms supporting moms (Blakely, Sara)
  1. Crawling with Spiders

Does your partner gets creeped out by spiders? If yes and he just forgot to take out the trash, then this idea’s perfect for you lol! I’m joking 🙂 As many people (everyone I know!) fear spiders this belly painting idea is perrrrfect for Halloween!

  1. Mike

Are you looking for a playful idea to scare your family for the 31st of October? Pin this idea!

  1. Plump-kin

Turn your plump belly into a pumpkin for Halloween! It’s easy. Do it together with your older kids and partner!  

[Image Credit: Kassie Byrd]
  1. Evil Witch

Are you having difficulty dressing up due to your bump? But Halloween isn’t complete without the evil witch?! Problem solved!

Find more cool face and body painting ideas for Halloween in my article, “100 Scary Face & Body Painting For Halloween For Kids and Adults.”

Best Belly Painting Kit

Your belly painting kit should include the following:

  • Water
  • Baby Wipes for erasing mistakes
  • Hypoallergenic and non-toxic water-based theatrical paint
  • Brushes
  • Sponges
  • Cotton Swabs (Cut in half): Use as disposable brushes or erasers

Here are some brands of the water-based face and body paints safe for pregnant women that are worth checking out:

Alternatively, you can use Veggie Baby Finger Paints if you have a toddler who wants to join the fun! These paints are vegan and EDIBLE! So, you don’t need to worry if your kid accidentally tries to taste the paints. 


What Kind of Paint Can You Use on a Pregnant Belly?

Water-based paints are the safest option for pregnant belly painting. These paints usually have the least chemicals and come off easily using soap and water. 

Can You Use Acrylic Paint on Baby Bump?

Experts do not recommend the use of acrylic paints on the baby bump. Acrylic paints usually contain harmful chemicals, such as: 

  • Biocides, 
  • Ethylene glycol, or
  • Ether.

Use water-based face and body paints instead.

Can Pregnant Belly Be Painted?

You can paint a pregnant belly as long as you use hypoallergenic and non-toxic water-based paints safe for use on skin in general. Test paint on a small area on your hand first to make sure you don’t have any allergic reactions.

Is It Safe to Paint While Pregnant?

It is safe to paint while pregnant. But before you do, check that you’re using paint without chemicals that can harm your skin. Lastly, check whether the paint releases any toxic fumes


Beautiful colors and affections signify love for the baby. These belly painting ideass include all your all emotions that should be towards your upcoming baby.

There are all kinds of paintings present like animals, flowers, Birds, Cartoon characters, and much more to give the perfect example of How to celebrate maternityattract people and spread happiness all around.

Some paintings Include the family feeling- Always be together.

You can consider any painting from the above list to express the feeling of an exciting pregnancy journey.

Choose safe and secure colors to give a boost to your happiness level. Always consider safe colors to insure belly care instead of having harmful paints.

Give an enormous pregnancy journey with some beautiful pictures.