50+ Beginner-friendly Easter Canvas Painting Ideas

Last Updated on November 19, 2023 by Masha Eretnova

Are you craving for beginner-friendly Easter canvas painting ideas? I got you!

Easter brings many scenes you’d like to capture. Immortalize the cuteness of a bunny on a field, of kids going on Easter egg hunting, of a basket of colorful Easter eggs, spring scenes, and more. 

Below you’ll find the inspiration to create your Easter-themed painting on canvas or paper. I’ve also included kid-friendly projects using a few easy-to-find materials your kids or students would love!

Easter Canvas Painting Ideas All Upfront

  1. Spring Rabbit Easter Painting
  2. Easter Street Scene
  3. Wood Welcome Sign
  4. Little Bunny Butt Peaking Out of a Flower Pot
  5. Koala
  6. Bunny with a Ribbon
  7. Easter Sign
  8. Bunny and Tulips
  9. Daffodils
  10. Bunny on Grass
  11. Golden Bunny
  12. Golden Chick
  13. 3D Flowers
  14. Spring Scene with Rabbits
  15. Easter Truck Painting
  16. Holy Cross
  17. Empty Tomb
  18. Easter Landscape
  19. Easter Bunny Holding a Basket of Eggs
  20. Basket of Easter Eggs
  21. Easter Egg + Cherry Blossom
  22. Cute Bunny
  23. Fluffy Bunny and Chick
  24. Holy Cross + Flowers
  25. Flowers on a Mason Jar
  26. Rabbit on a Field
  27. Hen and a Chick
  28. Chick and Cookies
  29. Bunny Painting Using Coffee
  30. Easter Egg
  31. Cute Chick
  32. Eggs in a Nest
  33. Cross + Butterfly
  34. Floral Eggs
  35. Egg-shaped Painting
  36. A Family of Chicks
  37. Egg-shaped Painting on Paper
  38. Bunny Stencil
  39. Button Eggs on Canvas
  40. Chick Easter Card
  41. Bunny with Embossed Tail
  42. Easy Bunny
  43. Chick Painting Using Fork
  44. Paint Splatter Easter Eggs
  45. Shimmering Eggs
  46. Glitter
  47. Spring Is Here
  48. Sponge Painting
  49. Bunny Card
  50. Easter Scene Using Bottle Caps

Easter means bunnies, eggs, and the Holy cross. And you might feel like you can’t do much with such limited muses. Let me surprise you, then! 

Below are some fun and unique Easter canvas painting ideas beginners would love! Read on!

Easter Bunny Painting Ideas for Adults

Spring Rabbit Easter Painting

Credit: Damian Quinn

Did you ever wonder how bunnies and eggs became the symbols of Easter? 

Originally, they were the pagan symbols for rebirth and spring. Eventually, these two became the symbols of Easter.

Go on, then, and paint your version of a rabbit. 

Spring Street Scene

Paint a spring street scene if that’s what you associate with Easter. Here’s a lovely take using the said theme:

Beautiful art by Mary Chant, I’m sure you can buy one of her works

Wood Welcome Sign

Credit: CoopT Arts

Say hello to Easter by making this easy-to-make welcome sign! You’ll need acrylic paints, a sponge, stencils (if needed), and a brush.

Little Bunny Butt Peaking Out of a Flower Pot

With its butt picking out of a flower pot, this little bunny looks like it’s on an Easter egg hunt! Cute and fun 🙂

Credit: Cut and Paste Craft Studio


Credit: Carolina Medina

A Koala is just as cute as bunnies (well, it depends on who you ask). The artist used watercolor as a medium, which created intriguing shapes and effects.

Bunny with a Ribbon

Credit: Forever Pampered

Florals, rabbit, and a ribbon- this piece will inspire you to step out of your comfort zone!

Easter Sign

Here’s a quick DIY craft you can whip up to get into the holiday mood. Get a bunch of flowers (plastic or real), an old shoelace, round canvas/paper, a brush, and paint. 

Credit: sweetcraftyworld

Bunny and Tulips

Credit: Marian Myers

Rediscover your flow by making this easy yet pretty rabbit amid a tulip field.

Bunny on Grass

Credit: Sue Boudreaux

Are you trying out acrylic painting? Here’s a cute and beginner-friendly muse you can try!

She also made an easy yet beautiful Ester painting with eggs using gold:

Golden Paintings

Credit: Juliette Glaviano

Test out what your metallic paints look like on mini canvasses! Start with a simple rabbit or a chick like these pieces.

3D Flowers

Spice up your painting by adding some embossed flowers to it. 

Credit: Lisa Fralix

Spring Scene with Rabbits

Fall in love with painting again by recreating this serene Easter and spring scene. I love how colorful it is yet super easy to make.

Credit: The Creation Art & Craft

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Easter Truck Painting

You’ll need plenty of space (+ a comfy chair!) to spread your materials while painting. You can work at your kitchen table, if you’d like. Will work for acrylics, tempera, gouache and even markers.

Credit: Tamara Bennett

Holy Cross

Make the painting below your reference if you’re up for a slightly challenging Easter scene. Yet it looks more complicated to make than it is, a beginner can do it!


Empty Tomb

Credit: Easy Art Decor

Acrylic is an excellent medium for beginners. It is inexpensive and cleans up easily. 

Plus, in case of mistakes when painting this piece, you can overpaint your canvas with white.

Easter Landscape with a Sheep

Credit: Erik Color Songs

Choosing what colors to use when starting to paint can be quite overwhelming! Have a color wheel within your reach and start to paint this landscape!

A good beginner’s palette should include warm and cool versions of the primary colors. 

Below is a good beginner’s palette for acrylic painting:

Check the list of Best Acrylic Paint: 20+ Brands Reviewed for Beginners [From Cheap to Pro]

Easter Bunny Holding a Basket of Eggs

Credit: WoCol

Do you find it hard to sketch on a canvas? The easiest way to do this is to use transfer paper:

  • Place the transfer paper on your canvas, graphite-side down
  • Use artist tape to secure the sketch on top of the transfer paper
  • Trace over the lines using a pencil
  • Lift the corner of the transfer paper to ensure a successful transfer

Try this method when you paint this sweet Easter bunny.

Basket of Easter Eggs

How can you set the mood of your painting? Underpaint your canvas with warm colors if you want a happy and summery feel. Use cool colors for a calm, gloomy, and wintery feel.

Credit: ArtBridge with April

See the difference between the two when you paint the next couple of painting ideas!

Easter Egg + Cherry Blossom

Credit: Darkis Art

Follow along with this tutorial if you want to know how to paint an easter egg decorated with cherry blossoms! 

Cute Bunny

Credit: Knotting Hook Crochet

Have you found a photo of an adorable rabbit and wanted to paint it? Head on to this tutorial for the how-to!

This tutorial requires a bit more patience as you will try to paint realistic fur.

Fluffy Bunny and Chick

Credit: Made With McHarper!

Put your spin on this composition by choosing different colors, tweaking the subject, or painting in your own style!

Holy Cross + Flowers

Credit: Acrylic World

Allow your creativity to flow when you recreate this artwork. Keep an open mind and let the paint do its thing.

Flowers in a Mason Jar

Credit: Bexx Fine Art

Because acrylic paint dries quickly, you can add many layers to your art in a short time without the fear of colors getting muddy!

If you actually want to paint some flowers ON some jars, acrylic can stick to glass too.

Rabbit on a Field with Watercolor

Credit: Yong Chen

What I love about watercolor is its versatility. You can create intense and rich blends by layering your colors. 

To create special effects, you can also use table salt, sponge, and more. 

Oh! And don’t forget the lovely accidental runs and bleeds…

Easy Easter Painting: Hen and a Chick

Credit: That Pottery Place

Have a sketch ready for a smooth painting session and choose the colors you’d like to use. But make room for some changes too!

Chick and Cookies

Credit: BananaJamana

Try to enjoy your painting process, so even if your work didn’t turn out like this charming little Easter painting, you learned something new and had fun!

Bunny Painting Using Coffee

Didn’t know painting using coffee is possible? Now, you know. Create different shades by adding different quantities of coffee powder in mixing trays with water!

Credit: Praise the Lord Anyhow Studios

Easter Egg

If you still need a nudge to learn the basics of color theory, know that once you get this concept, you can choose your color palette for every project. 

Credit: Helen Campbell

You can also use colors to set the spring feel on your Easter egg painting or emphasize it. 

Cute Chick

Bring this adorbs chick into life using whatever medium you like. Try to mimic it as closely to the real one as possible. This easter painting is suitable for advanced painters working with acrylics or oil paint.

Credit: Qi Han

Eggs in a Nest

Play around with colors with these easy eggs in a nest. 

Credit: Anna

Cross + Butterfly

Practice your blending skills using acrylic with this piece as your basis:

  • Stroke the two different colors onto the surface horizontally. 
  • Leave a gap between them. 
  • Continue to stroke horizontally towards the other color. This wayyou’re pulling one color into another.
  • Create a smooth blend by retracing your strokes.

Egg Floral

New to painting? Warm up with simple projects like this Easter eggs + floral concept. This exercise is perfect for getting to know your brushes and mark-making tools.

Egg-shaped Painting

Get yourself an oval canvas and be weird! Paint what Easter means to you. 

Easy Easter Canvas Painting Ideas for Babies and Toddlers

  1. A Family of Chicks

Need some inspo for an afternoon art session with your toddler? Here’s a fun and quick finger painting of a family of chicks. 

  1. Egg-shaped Painting on Paper

Got some paper? Draw a big oval. Cut it out. Grab your paints, brush, and sponge. Kids can also use their hands to prepare their Easter eggs for the hunt!

  1. Bunny Stencil

For this project, you’ll need a bunny and flower stencil, paint, brush, sponge, and a canvas or paper.

  1. Button Eggs on Canvas

To make a tape painting, you’ll need the following:

  • Tape
  • Any paint
  • Paper or canvas

Once finished, draw the outline of your Easter egg. Then, glue the buttons inside the egg’s outline.

  1. Chick Easter Card

Here’s a cute keepsake you can make with your toddler or student! It’s an easy project. Plus, it’s cheap!

Tip: Make sure the eggshells are washed and dried to prevent attracting insects.

  1. Bunny with Embossed Tail
Credit: Creating Through Chaos

Save this unique Easter bun idea! 

  • Have a bunny stencil ready
  • Secure it on top of a canvas or paper using a tape
  • Kids can use sponge or brush to paint the background.
  • Kids can paint the bunny any color they like
  • Let them decide what part/s of the bunny they’d like to emboss and what material they’ll use

  1. Easy Bunny
Credit: Poppy’s Art

Do you need an easy rabbit painting tutorial even kids can do? Poppy’s art might be the answer!

  1. Chick Painting Using Fork

Have you ever tried painting with forks? If not, try it with your toddler!

Credit: Awesomely Crafty
Credit: Crafts for Kids (starts at 3:52)

  1. Paint Splatter Easter Eggs
Credit: CreativityforKids

Head on to this link for a mess free craft for kids! You can also have an egg cut out ready for painting. This way, your child won’t have to use scissors.

  1. Shimmering Eggs

Medium: Watercolor

Have several egg cut outs ready! Decorate the eggs with watercolor, stickers, or however they want! 

I love using crafts as home decor! So after decorating the eggs, make a wreath:

  • Get a paper plate. 
  • Cut out the middle. 
  • Poke a hole on top and thread a twine or ribbon through. 
  • Glue the eggs around the paper plate and you have a wreath!
Credit: YueLing Art

  1. Glitter
Credit: Crafting A Fun Life

Kids love to use their fingers to paint. So, instead of a brush have them use their fingers to make this fun and easy craft!

  1. Sponge Painting

Make cute Easter-themed prints using some sponge. Make a bunny, carrot, and egg cutouts. Paint using the sponge. Kids will be amazed of this technique!

Credit: Snippit Official

  1. Bunny Card
Credit: Crafts for Kids (4:29)

Kids love making cards for their loved ones! Help out by watching this quick tutorial (starts at 4:29).

  1. Easter Scene Using Bottle Caps

Get your kid to use their imagination by instructing them to create an Easter scene using bottle caps, paint, a round paper or canvas, glue, and marker.

Credit: Kids Art & Craft (starts at 00:13)

  1. Daffodils Collage

Full-bloom daffodils indicate the arrival of spring! Make a painting of daffodils with your kids. 

Add a wow factor by adding a picket fence using a popsicle stick or any alternative you can find in your home.

Easy Easter Bunny Canvas Painting Tutorial


You’ll need the following to paint a beginner-friendly Easter bunny:


  • Paint about ¾ of the canvas with blue and white for the sky.
  • Wash your flat brush.
  • Load your brush with green and white to paint the spring grass.
  • While the paint on the ground is still wet, load the brush with green to paint the grasses
  • Start drawing the rabbit using white paint.
  • Paint the rabbit’s outline using gray
  • Add tulips, eggs, and other details to background
  • Take care of the rabbit’s details using pink and black

For visual learners, follow this link for the tutorial!


How Do You Paint a Face with Flowers?

Follow the steps below to paint a face with flowers:

  • Use a sponge to create pink circles.
  • Add red in the middle of the pink circles using sponge. 
  • Get a #3 round brush. Use it to paint leaves and baby’s breath.
  • Add white highlights to the roses using the round brush
  • Start from the center towards the flower’s edge
  • Paint light green highlights to the leaves
  • Finish the look with a red shade under and around the roses.


There you have it! I hoped you found the inspiration (and the nudge) you need to start your Easter project/s! 

For more fun and unique spring painting ideas: