Easy Gouache Abstract Painting in 30 min

gouache wall art

I noticed that my kitchen wall has a very nice light coming through shades in the morning. I immediately thought that it would be a perfect place to hang some abstract art in earthy tones (as our kitchen is sort of industrial and wooden mix). I had my new Himi Maya Gouache set and I … Read more

How to Paint Sea Turtles 15 Beautiful Tutorials (Acrylic, Watercolor, Pencil)

how to paint sea turtle

There’s something special about painting turtles. Maybe it’s because they’re so cute or because they’re such a unique subject to paint. Whatever the reason, an easy turtle painting can be a fun and easy activity that anyone can enjoy, but firstly let’s learn how to paint sea turtles (without becoming a Picasso) Turtles are easy … Read more