Is Isolation Coat Necessary For Acrylic Painting?

Is Isolation Coat Necessary for Acrylic Painting?

I’ve found that there is no full answer to many beginners who struggle with the isolation coat. What is it anyway and why do we even need one? In fact, it’s a process that can easily be your good painting practice if you’re aiming to enjoy your painting for many years, and can save you … Read more

Is Gesso Really Necessary for Acrylic Painting?

Is Gesso Necessary for Acrylic Painting

Gesso is something many beginners try to understand. While professional artists blend it and share homemade recipes, beginners just want to know what is this and if they need it or not?! The decision is gesso necessary for acrylic painting depends on the surface you work with. You don’t have to gesso a pre-primed canvas … Read more

How To Fix Cracked Acrylic Painting in 3 Easy Ways

When I started acrylic painting the first issue I had was one of my acrylic paintings cracking! Losing the paintings I’ve done with a lot of love (and time) would be discouraging. And in this article, I’ll show you how to fix cracked acrylic paintings quickly and easily! I’ll also show you how to save … Read more