Best Isolation Coat for Acrylic Painting: Is It Necessary?

Is Isolation Coat Necessary for Acrylic Painting?

I’ve found that there is no full answer to many beginners who struggle with the isolation coat. In fact, it’s a process that can easily be your good painting practice if you’re aiming to enjoy your painting for long years. Is an isolation coat necessary for your acrylic painting? The isolation coat for acrylic painting … Read more

How to Prime Wood for Acrylic Painting

How to Prime Wood for Acrylic Painting

Acrylic paints can be painted onto wood. It could be a great experience and a piece of art. But you have to prepare your wooden surface properly before you start if you don’t want to redo it later (which is not so easy as painting on canvas). If you have an idea to paint acrylic … Read more

Do You Paint Acrylic Light to Dark or Dark to Light?

For people who just start painting the question of what is the right way to paint dark and light areas of the painting can be crucial, but sometimes they are really confused to ask because this question can seem stupid for some academic painters. Should I paint light to dark or dark to light with … Read more

How To Fix Cracked Acrylic Painting in 3 Easy Ways

When I started acrylic painting the first issue I had was one of my acrylic paintings cracking! Losing my paintings I’ve done with a lot of love (and time) would be discouraging. And in this article, I’ll show you how to fix cracked acrylic paintings quickly and easily! I’ll also show you how to save … Read more