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23 Ways How to Get Spray Paint off Skin Safely With Household Products

How to Get Spray Paint off Skin

Do you enjoy using spray paint but find it burdensome to remove the paint from your skin? Though spray paint can be a fun and easy paint to work with, it is unavoidable to have some paint on your skin when doing a project. Is there an easy way how to get spray paint off skin?

Yes, there are different ways how to get spray paint off skin. You can get spray paint off skin by using several household items you can find in your kitchen or bathroom. You can use dishwashing soap, cooking oil, nail polish remover, and rubbing alcohol, to name a few.  You don’t need to buy expensive paint removal products.

This article will talk about several safe and quick ways how to get spray paint off hands using common household products. You will also find out how you can remove paint from your clothes, hair, nails, and even glass.

What happens if you get spray paint on your skin?

A small quantity of spray paint may not cause great harm to your skin especially if you seldom use spray paint. With this in mind, you can use spray paint without having any worries at all. But, you may want to be more cautious if you regularly use spray paint in large quantities.

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Both techniques of airbrushing and spraying are harmful ways of painting if done regularly. These techniques release dangerous fumes that are dangerous when inhaled. When buying spray paint, check the can’s label for warnings. If it contains toxic chemicals, do not buy it.

Spray paint contains chemicals such as solvents and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) that can have a negative effect on your skin. Too much exposure to these chemicals can cause skin irritation, skin rashes, skin burns, eye irritation, and even respiratory problems such as asthma and lung cancer. 

If you do get spray paint on your skin, you should wash it off immediately. Do not wait for the paint to dry before removing it. Dried spray paint can be difficult to remove which will lead you to scrub your hands or skin hard.

If you are a professional spray painter, you should be more careful by using protective gloves and wearing face masks to minimize your exposure to spray paint. It is advisable to wear a respirator. You should get a respirator that can protect you from paint fumes, gases, vapor, dust particles, and other particles that can enter your respiratory system.

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How long does spray paint stay on the skin?

Regular spray paint is ideally not safe for the skin. You should not wear regular spray paint on your skin at all. If you do want to wear body paint, there are those available in spray form. These are water-based paint that can easily be removed using soap and water.

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Just in case you get regular spray paint on your skin, the paint can last for hours or even a couple of days if you just let it be. However, if you know quick remedies to remove spray paint, you can easily and quickly remove spray paint from your hands.

How to Get Spray Paint off Skin: 23 Safe and Easy Ways

There are several ways you can easily remove spray paint from your skin without using harmful chemicals.

You can easily and quickly remove spray paint from your hands with household items such as:

  • Warm water and soap
  • Nail polish remover
  • Cooking oil
  • Goof-Off
  • Dishwashing soap
  • Mayonnaise
  • Coffee grounds
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Paint thinner
  • Baking soda and coconut oil
  • Moisturizing lotion
  • Toothpaste
  • Paint wiping technique 
  • Acetone
  • Mineral Oil
  • Makeup Remover
  • Paint Wipes
  • Odorless Method
  • Dry Erase Marker
  • Pumice Stone
  • Cold Cream
  • Butter
  • Hand Sanitizer

It is best to remove paint from your skin before the paint sets. Whatever method you choose to get spray paint off your skin, always remember to apply hand cream or moisturizer once the paint is removed to protect your skin. 

To help you remove paint the fastest way possible, here are some of the suggested products and ways you can remove spray paint from your skin:

1) Warm Water and Soap

The safest and gentlest way to get spray paint off the skin is by washing it with soap and warm water. This is an effective method for removing paint from the skin. You can use a scrub to help remove the paint.

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2) Nail Polish Remover

Nail polish remover works like magic. With just a few drops on a cotton ball, you can easily and quickly remove spray paint from your skin. Just dab a soaked cotton ball onto your skin to break down the paint particles. Rinse off the nail polish remover using warm water.

Choose removers with a soft composition that care about your nails and don’t use harsh chemicals.

3) Cooking Oil (Olive oil and Vegetable oil)

Cooking oil is always available at home. Rub a bit of oil onto your skin and wash it with soap and water afterward. 

Cooking oil melts the paint from your skin. This can help break down the paint particles to easily remove the paint. All other natural oils like coconut oil, avocado oil, and soybean oil can be used to remove spray paint from the skin.

Spray paint is mostly oil-based paint. With the principle “like dissolves like”, oil-based paint can be removed by using oil such as cooking oil. However, if you are using latex spray paint, the method of removing the latex paint is different. 

4) Goof-Off

Most spray paints are oil-based but not all. In removing latex paint, an easy home remedy is to keep the dried paint wet by applying water for 30 minutes.

Then, using a scraper or plastic knife, slowly remove the paint from the skin. If you want a faster remedy, you can use a spray solvent like Goof-Off.

5) Dishwashing Soap

You may want to use a dishwashing soap that is perfect for grease and oil. With a few drops of dishwashing soap onto your skin, rub the paint off and rinse with water after.

6) Mayonnaise

Mayonnaise is great to use on oil-based spray paints. Here is how you apply it:

  1. Apply a generous amount of mayonnaise to your painted skin.
  2. Rub and let the mayonnaise stay on for at least 2 minutes.
  3. You can rinse off the mayonnaise and paint using soap and water.

7) Coffee Grounds

After having a cup of coffee, you may want to set aside the coffee grounds for this can be useful when you need to remove paint from your hands. All you have to do is mix coffee grounds with dishwashing soap.

Rub the mixture onto your hands until you can see that the paint is gradually peeling off. Once all the paint has been removed, you can rinse your hands with warm water.

Image by Andrea Tummons from Unsplash

8) Rubbing Alcohol

You can use 70% rubbing alcohol if you don’t want to use nail polish remover. Place a generous amount of rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball. Dab this on the skin. Once the paint has been saturated in the cotton ball, you can rinse it off.

However, you must be extra careful in using rubbing alcohol on your skin. Rubbing alcohol may damage or irritate your skin.

9) Paint Thinner

Paint thinner is helpful and it can remove paint from your skin. The only downside to using paint thinner is that it has a strong odor. Thus, you need to apply it to your skin in a well-ventilated space.

10) Baking Soda and Coconut Oil

You can make a homemade paint remover mixture using baking soda and coconut oil. Coconut oil has moisturizing and antibacterial properties which will not only remove paint from your hands but also make them soft. If coconut oil is unavailable, you may use olive oil or vegetable oil. 

The recipe will require a 1:1 ratio of coconut oil and baking soda. You can also add lemon oil. Here are the steps on how to use coconut oil and baking soda:

  1. Mix coconut oil and baking soda in a bowl. The coconut oil will soften once it mixes with baking soda.
  2. Apply generously on the skin
  3. Spread and massage evenly to loosen the paint. You may use an old toothbrush to help with the scrubbing.
  4. Let the mixture stay for 5 minutes 
  5. Rinse with water

If you are constantly using spray paint, you may want to stock up on this mixture for not only does it remove paint, but it also smells good and makes your skin soft!

How to Get Spray Paint off Hands and Nails
Household items to get rid off spray paint

11) Moisturizing Lotion

A moisturizing lotion can also remove paint from your skin. Apply a generous amount of lotion onto your skin and massage the area. You have to patiently massage the painted area to allow the lotion to effectively remove the paint. You may let the lotion sit on your skin for 5 minutes.

12) Toothpaste

Toothpaste is another useful household item that you can use to remove spray paint from your hands. Toothpaste consists of mild abrasives which can help scrub off the paint.

Gently rub toothpaste over the painted skin. When the paint has been removed, you can wash it off with water.

13) Towel Wiping Technique

If none of the items above are accessible for you or if you don’t want to use them as paint remover, your next bet to remove paint is by using the paint wiping technique. 

This technique is simple and easy to do. You just need to soak a clean towel in water. Wipe the towel onto the painted skin until the paint is removed. The towel serves as a paint absorber.

14) Acetone

Acetone can easily remove paint from the skin by loosening the paint particles. But, you have to be careful when using it because it can harm your skin. Don’t let acetone stay on your skin for a long time. 

Acetone or white spirit have a very strong odor!

15) Mineral Oil

Mineral oil is another effective way to get spray paint off the skin. If you don’t have mineral oil on hand, baby oil can be used as an alternative. All you need to do is apply enough mineral oil to your painted skin while rubbing it with your fingers.

Let it sit on your skin for 5 minutes. If the paint is tough to remove, you can use your fingernails to gently scratch off the paint from your skin.

16) Makeup Remover

You can also use a makeup remover to get spray paint off skin. Just like a nail polish remover and rubbing alcohol, makeup remover can dry up your skin. As soon as you’ve removed the paint from your skin, you should apply lotion or moisturizer over it.

17) Paint Wipes

Using paint wipes is a quick way to remove spray paint from your skin. You may want to get professional heavy-duty paint wipes for this to work efficiently or regular paint wipes painter use for art.

18) Odorless Method

You also may want to try the odorless method in removing spray paint off skin. You can use an odorless turpenoid, which is an artist’s paint thinner and cleaner.

  1. Rub the odorless turpenoid on paint-covered skin for a few seconds.
  2. Then, rinse it off with warm water and soap.

19) Dry Erase Marker

Using a dry-erase marker, draw over the painted skin. After doing so, scrub everything off with water and soap.

A dry-erase marker is not only great for removing paint from the skin, but it can also remove permanent ink from your skin, painted clothes, and even painted walls.

20) Pumice Stone

Good old pumice stone! Gently rub the pumice stone over your painted skin and it can remove spray paint. Be careful when using pumice stone because it has sharp edges that can scratch you, better do it under running water with soap.

21) Cold Cream

Cold cream contains mineral oil that can help remove makeup and paint from skin and it moisturizes skin at the same time.

Simply rub a generous amount of cold cream over your painted skin. Let the cream sit for 5 minutes. Then, wash it away with soap and water. Ponds cold cream is a great choice because it can remove all types of paint without any worries.

22) Butter

You read it right! Butter is another great choice to remove spray paint from skin. You can use regular or ghee butter, which is higher in fats.

Butter contains natural oils that help loosen paint from your skin. Rub a good amount of butter on your painted skin. Let this sit for a few minutes. Then, wash it off with soap and water.

23) Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer can also get spray paint off your hands. Hand sanitizer contains alcohol that helps break down paint from your hands. Hand sanitizer is also easy to wash off.

How to Remove Metallic Spray Paint from Skin

If you are using metallic spray paint, you will still be able to remove it as any other spray paint with soapy water, acetone, paint wipes or alcohol.

Metallic spray paint is still spray paint. It is called metallic spray paint because it gives a metallic and reflective finish to the surface on it is applied. You can use the suggested products above to remove metallic spray paint from your skin.

If your hands are irritated or you are experiencing some pain, itching, or burning sensation from the spray paint or products you have used to remove the paint, you can apply a Neosporin or any topical analgesic. This can help with pain relief.

You may have stumbled upon some suggested home remedies to get spray paint off your skin such as borax, sodas, or homemade paint remover vinegar. You may have discovered that these don’t do the job. Don’t feel disappointed. Why not try the different methods listed above instead?

How to Get Spray Paint off Hands and Nails

If you get spray paint off your hands, you can use the items indicated above. However, when paint goes on and under your nails, it can be challenging to remove. Though, you would still be able to remove paint from your nails. 

Here are the three items that could help you remove paint from your nails:

  1. Manicure Stick

A manicure stick would be very helpful in reaching underneath your nails. A manicure stick has a pointed end and another end that is curved. 

If the paint has dried on your nails, you can easily scrape it off using a manicure stick. Be careful when using a manicure stick. Don’t push the manicure stick too hard or you may end up hurting yourself.

  1. Toothbrush 

If you don’t have a manicure stick or are afraid to use one, you may want to use an old toothbrush. Wash your hands with dishwashing soap and rub off the paint using the toothbrush. 

Be gentle when brushing around and under your nails for there are portions that are thin and soft. You may end up with a bleeding fingernail.

Once you are done scrubbing using the toothbrush, you can rinse it off with water. To completely remove the paint, you can rub cooking oil or mayonnaise all over your hands and nails. 

  1. Nail Polish Remover

A nail polish remover can be used to get spray paint off skin or hands and nails. You can use rubbing alcohol as an alternative for nail polish remover. In using a nail polish remover, you can cover one end of the manicure stick with cotton soaked with nail polish remover.

Run the soaked cotton around and under your nails to remove the paint. If the cotton is covered with paint, you can throw it away, and get a new one soaked in nail polish remover. Keep repeating this process until you have completely removed the spray paint. Wash both your hands and nails with soap and warm water.

How to Get Spray Paint Primer off Skin

A paint primer is different from paint. It is slightly tackier and thicker. Paint primer has a different composition from paint and is more harmful to the skin. You can get paint primer off the skin by also using the same ingredients for removing spray paint off skin such as:

  1. Soap and water
  2. Cooking oil
  3. Baking soda
  4. Mayonnaise
  5. Rubbing alcohol

But here are the other items you may want to try to get spray paint primer off the skin:

  1. Sugar

You must use granulated or caster sugar to remove the paint. Don’t use confectioners’ sugar because this can’t remove the paint. Sugar can help break down the paint primer and will detach from your skin.

You can rub the sugar all over your primer-covered skin. If you don’t want the sugar to keep falling off, you can mix it with cooking oil. Sugar will not dissolve in oil rather it will stick to it. You can apply this mixture to either wet or dry primer.

  1. Baby Oil

You can use baby oil to remove paint primer from your skin.

Massage baby oil all over the primer-covered skin. Do this for 30 seconds and wash the oil off. If you feel that there is still primer on your hands, just repeat the process.

If you want to rub the primer off, you can use a cloth to rub the oil against the primer.

How to Get Spray Paint off Clothes

Spray paint can be used to personalize clothes through stenciling. Hence, spray paint can be permanent on clothes. However, if you accidentally sprayed spray paint on your clothes it can be tough to remove. 

Though, if the paint is still wet, it is easier to remove it from your clothes than when it has dried. Though, despite all your efforts to get spray paint off clothes, your clothes will not look the same again. There will definitely be stains caused by the paint. 

It is recommended to wear protective clothing when doing spray painting projects or you can wear clothes that you no longer use. Here are some of the items that you can use to get spray paint off clothes: 

  • Dish soap
  • Vinegar
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Coconut oil (can also be used to remove paint from hair)
  • WD-40 (best to use on wet oil-based paint)
  • Turpentine  (most effective spray paint remover on clothes, whether wet or dry paint)
  • Hairspray

Strong chemicals such as turpentine can get spray paint off clothes. The chemicals can remove the strong bond between paint and fiber.

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How to Get Spray Paint off Glass

Wet spray paint on glass can easily be removed. If you notice that you sprayed paint accidentally on any of your glass, you may want to clean it up immediately. 

If you allow the paint to dry, you would need a solvent to remove it. If you are a beginner, this could be an added cost on your end, not to mention you would need rubber gloves and eye protection when handling strong solvents.

Here are some items you can use to get spray paint off glass:

  • Acetone (not to be used on fiberglass)
  • White Vinegar (can remove both paint and hard-to-clean water stains on glass)
  • Rubbing Alcohol (can also remove paint from plastic surfaces)
  • Mineral spirits (can only remove fresh or wet paint)
  • Turpentine

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Is spray paint on the skin dangerous?

Yes, spray paint is dangerous to the skin especially if it is not removed immediately. It can cause skin irritation, burns, and rashes.

Will rubbing alcohol remove spray paint from the skin?

Yes, rubbing alcohol can remove spray paint from the skin. Avoid overusing alcohol on your skin because this may cause skin irritation.

Does spray paint come off the skin?

Yes, spray paint can be removed from your skin. There are several quick and easy solutions to remove spray paint like using soap, coffee grounds, mayonnaise, nail polish remover, and many more.

Wrapping Up 

Spray painting is easy, quick to apply, and fun to do. But, you have to be extra cautious when using spray paint because it can cause respiratory and skin concerns. When getting spray paint off the skin, start with the gentlest and safest approach possible like soap and water. If there is still paint, that is the time you try the other ingredients listed above.

Knowing how you can easily remove spray paint from your hands or skin makes life a lot less frustrating. You will most certainly enjoy using spray paint without having to worry about how you can remove it.

If you do acrylic painting projects, you may want to give this article a read which talks about how you can apply acrylic paint to your skin. If you have other tips on how to get spray paint off skin, share them by leaving a comment. 

If you find this article helpful, please share it with your friends and family who would also benefit from this article.