How To Start Art & Craft Blog Ebook

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Completely beginner-friendly! Even if you never had a blog.

Some of the contents:

  • Qualify your niche and if it can make you money
  • How to set up a blog yourself in one evening
  • Budget to start and real income numbers
  • Exact steps to take for the next 12 months
  • How to find topics to write about that can make money
  • Social media: if you need them and what you need to do
  • SEO writing for crafters
  • Useful resources and links
  • Ultimate SEO spreadsheet for beginners
  • Article templates for different types of content
  • Workbook sheets to brainstorm and get into action
  • Screenshots of some technical steps to make for non-tech-savvy crafters and many more

This is an ebook – a downloadable PDF that you can print or read from the screen.

There will be no physical book delivered.


  • List of creative niches and possible income streams
  • Lifetime access to the closed Facebook group where I share my insights and anyone can ask a question
  • Any future updates of the first edition
  • *private mentorship (limited)
  • Exact steps of the technical part and plug-ins to set up a blog on WordPress
  • Simple spreadsheets for keeping everything organized
  • Workbook pages to brainstorm ideas immediately after I give actionable steps
  • List of tools (with a discount for the tools I use)
  • Blog post templates for 6 different types of content on a blog
  • Guest post pitching template and list of craft sites accepting guest posts
  • Affiliate disclosure templates
  • YouTube video description template that will increase your blog traffic and income
  • Useful links and resources to study

About the author – Masha Eretnova started blogging in 2021 and made her way up. As a side hustle her craft blog about painting makes anywhere from $600 to $1500 per month solely with one income source and introduced her to a large ocean of opportunities.

In the ebook, she shares from whom she learned the most (and who will waste your time) and how exactly she set up her blog to be successful. The book reflects the state of the blogging world pre- and post- the latest Google updates. The information is her own experience and she can back it up because she earned real money, worked, and traveled with her blog support for the past 3 years.



This ebook contains 70 pages of no-fluff actionable advice on how to start a blogging side hustle for your creative hobby and make a few hundred dollars per month with it. 


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