What Acrylic Paint for Fabric To Buy: Top 10 Brands I Recommend

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Are you looking for the best acrylic paint for fabric? If you tested it on fabric before you could notice that it can fade and crack.

I have 10 recommendations for you of different budgets and levels (for beginners and pro) that work without issues.

Acrylic paint works well on both natural and synthetic textile, clothing and decorative textile – it is permanent, washable, and durable.

The only possible downside of using acrylic paint on fabric is stiffness of fabric. Acrylics by themselves are not very flexible, but mixed with fabric medium or acrylic-based fabric paints are much more flexible.

So don’t worry! I will mention which acrylic paint seems to be more or less flexible on fabric.

Should I buy acrylic or fabric paint?

Fabric paint is a craft paint formulated to stick permanently and soak through fabric.

It contains pigments or dyes, binders and additives that help it adhere to natural fabric better without stiffening it.

Many fabric paints are water-based and acrylic-based, that is why it is the best alternative to acrylic paint for painting on clothes. Some fabric paints are polyurethane based and are suitable even for painting a sofa πŸ™‚

For painting on fabric both acrylic paint and fabric paints are safe and easy to use – and are commonly used.

For detailed works I recommend acrylic paint pens – my choice is Artistro paint pens (I used them on denim and cotton with amazing results).

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My Top Acrylic Paints For Fabric

I divide acrylic paint on fabric in 2 classes: craft and beginner friendly – the price is under $20 and professional textile paints – the price can be up to $50.

Tip: Search online or on Amazon/Blick/Michaels or whatever your local ar store is not only for fabric paint but also for textile paint! It is the same πŸ™‚

1) Mont Marte Fabric Paint

Acrylic Paint for Fabric
My set of Mont Marte fabric paint

Acrylic-based paint, affordable and easy to apply. I tested it on a T-shirt and really loved the result.

Budget: there are sets available. 8 colors cost around $11, but I have a set of 24 colors, that includes neon and metallic colors and I think it is best!

This paint requires heat-setting on fabric and denim but is safe to wash in washing machine.

2) Folk Art Fabric Acrylic Paint

Super popular brand – Folk Art – is amazing on fabric.

FolkArt Brush on Fabric Acrylic Paint Beginner Set (2-Ounce),

Paint is more of the craft, hobby level but it doesn’t mean it is bad – it work very well, permanent and washable in washing machine on any fabric.

3) Apple Barrel Acrylic Craft Paint

This regular acrylic paint will need a fabric medium for best results, but can be used directly, without medium.
This is THE bestseller among acrylic craft paints for all sorts of hobby projects.

Apple Barrel PROMOABI Acrylic Paint Set, 2 Fl Oz (Pack of 18), Multicolor, 18 Count

Set of 18 colors is the best option as you don’t have to mix a lot, but also each bottle is enough for a couple of customization.

4) Arteza Permanent Fabric Paint

Arteza Metallic Fabric Paint, 60 ml Bottles, Set of 14, Washer and Dryer Safe, Textile Paint for Clothes, T-Shirts, Jeans, Bags, Shoes, DIY Projects

Reputable brand, and super popular. Sets of 14 or 24 colors.

Arteza Fabric Paint is the clothing paint that won’t wash off your clothes, it is permanent and safe to use in both washing machine and dryer.

And it works on all fabrics from cotton and linen to denim and even leather.

Even though Arteza is budget-friendly brand it is much better than many craft paints – better colors, adhesion and permanence.

The downside is the design on the bottle – it has large opening and har to control how much paint you pour out.

5) Jacquard Textile Paint

Jacquard Textile 8 Color Set

Jacquard textile paint is a high-quality, professional paint, that works on any fabric from cotton T-shirt to furniture and bags.

Amazing softness and flexibility.

All colors are vibrant and opaque, easy to mix and brush on the fabric, and dry quickly.

What downsides are reported: Can require multiple layers but the bottles are not enough for it. Bottle sizes are not enough – only 2,25 oz. And of course, the price is on the pricier side – for 8 colors around 28 dollars.

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6) DecoArt SoSoft

DecoArt soft fabric paint, is acryl-based, and comes in individual bottles, and they have many colors, including some metallics.

Deco Art SoSoft Fabric Acrylic Paint 2oz-Dioxazine Purple

Average price for 2oz bottle is $7-9.

What I dislike: Despite the name it can be slightly stiff, for larger projects 1 bottle is not enough and you need to watch out for the cap – sometimes they are loose and then paints dry out quickly and you can no longer use them.

7) Decola – one of my favorites!

Decola is a professional brand for textile paints and they sell individual bottles and sets.

I really like that they are trying to make cool sets – not just primary colors or commonly used, but for example, Trendy colors – the set I have, it has cute pastel colors like mint and salmon.

best Acrylic Paint for Fabric

As I’m traveling, I see that these colors and the brand are not widely available. I was lucky to get them in an art shop and I used mint color on a cotton T-shirt:

can you use acrylic paint on fabric

Regular colors I used on my denim shorts – it lasted for years!

how to paint fabric with acrylic paint

8) Tulip Fabric Paint OR Puff Paints

Machine washable and very popular fabric paints! They do regular and 3D – yes, three-dimensional paints for fabric! How cool is that?!

I like the bottle type for Tulip Puff paints – it is a squeezable bottle, so will be very easy to do outlines and control the line. It is also better for kids to use – less messy and no need to hold a brush and learn to use it.

One bottle lasts for long, and paint has good coverage! From experience of many crafters it doesn’t peel or crack even on foldable clothins or items.

4oz is around $4-$6.

What I don’t like: some colors have strong odor, and good coverage can require multiple layers. I haven’t used the glowing paints, but it seems like they fade and lose the glow.

9) Fabric Creations Fabric Ink

Painting on fabric can be done with brushes, airbrushing, but also with stamps and stencils.

For this, you can use paint or, even better – special fabric ink. Fabric Creations is exactly that.

A 2oz bottle is around $6-7.

Fabric ink is just like paint so it is washable the same way.

These inks work even on shoes.

Downside: quite small bottles, you can run out quickly.

10) Tulip Fabric Spray Paint

Fabric spray paint makes it easier to cover larger surface and avoid brushstrokes. As Tulip brand are pros in crafting and fabric painting, they managed to make this spray paint crack and fade-resistant.

So if you want to upcycle your armchair, may as well use spray paint – much faster than regular brush-on application.

It also perfect for stencils – cover and tape around the borders and area you don’t want to paint, shake the paint and spray – fast, permanent, washable solution.

  • View on Blick (I didn’t see them on Amazon, and Blick is often cheaper)


What to Look for in Acrylic Paints for Fabric?

When you are choosing paints for fabric you should consider a few factors:

  • finish (can be matter, glossy, shimmering, fluorescent).
  • safety of washer/dryer use.
  • material – are you using it on t-shirt, denim or leather? Choose the paint accordingly.

What paint is best for fabric?

Fabric paint is best for natural fabric, but for synthetic fabrics we use acrylic paint straight or mixed with fabric medium.

I don’t recommend dye sticks, but I highly recommend acrylic paint pens for detailed drawings.

Can I mix fabric paints with acrylics?

Yes, you can mix water-based paints like fabric and acrylic paint. However, it may affect the drying time and the quality of the paint.

If you add just a little bit for making a new color, then you won’t have an issue.

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