90 Halloween Coloring Pages For Adults & Kids (Printable)

Last Updated on November 19, 2023 by Masha Eretnova

Halloween is one of the favorite holidays of the year, no matter the age! Numerous activity books and my Halloween coloring pages included help adults and kids have a great time together with friends and get a bit more creative in everyday life. For parents and teachers, Halloween printables are an amazing and cheap way to keep kids busy and happy πŸ™‚

Get ready for Halloween with my Halloween Coloring Book – 90 coloring pages for adults and kids, including relaxing mandalas and cute characters for children.

This year I’ve created 90 Halloween coloring pages for adults and kids that are not just any coloring pages.

The book has 2 sections: adult Halloween coloring pages and kids’ section. There are zombies, ghosts, vampires, Frankensteins, witches, skeletons, scarecrows, bats, owls, mummies, and many other characters in my coloring book.

Adult Halloween Coloring Pages include:

  • More spooky content
  • More detailed pages like mandalas for example
  • A few Halloween sayings
  • Most common topics and patterns from pumpkins and Dracula to tarot cards and witches

Some of the adult coloring pages:

halloween adult coloring book
There are mandala-like coloring pages and fun Halloween coloring pages as well
spooky halloween coloring pages
Some coloring pages are created like a scene, but there are also just relaxing patterns to color

Kids Halloween Section includes:

  • Easy characters, dressed boys and girls,
  • Halloween scenes to color
  • Cute Halloween cats
  • Monsters, pumpkins, witches and other main attributes of Halloween
  • One page with complete the drawing and color it

Some of the adult and kids’ coloring pages:

halloween coloring pages for kids
I’ve tried to make Halloween coloring pages for the kids’ section cute yet still relevant to the Halloween theme.

Looking for more painting ideas? Check my big lists:

How to use these printable Halloween coloring pages:

Of course, even if you are an adult or teenager and you like ideas from another section, nobody can stop you from coloring them! The division in the adult/children section is just for your convenience.

  1. The PDF you get is saved as PDF Print which means it has high resolution and good quality for printing
  2. In creating this coloring book I accounted for print bleed. The size is standard 11 x 8.5 inches so you can easily print it on A4
  3. Download the coloring book and print either the whole book or selected pages in black and white. Print as many as you’d like.
  4. Get your markers, paints, or pencils and color it!
adult halloween coloring pages
As you can see I used a grid to see what will be cut once you print it.

The whole list of my Halloween coloring sheets:

  • Adult Halloween coloring pages
    • Diverse pumpkins
    • Witch starter pack
    • Witch Magic wording coloring page
    • Frame for countdown till Halloween
    • Characters: clown, ghost-girl, mummy, cute little devil, alien.
    • Witch cauldron and potions
    • Company of children for Trick or Treat
    • Bats pattern
    • Cemetery
    • Kids playing with mummy
    • Birthday cake in Dracula’s family
    • Haunted houses
    • Ouija board
    • Magic hands
    • Ghost at home
    • Witchcraft
    • Several witches
    • Abstract Halloween ideas
    • Witch on a broom
    • Easy Ghosts coloring pages
    • Tombstones
    • Death
    • Halloween eve scenes
    • Owls
    • Stitched heart
    • Pumpkin mandala
    • Variety of skulls
    • Patterns
    • Spider
    • Moon
  • Kids Halloween coloring pages
    • Pumpkins
    • Ghosts
    • Cute witch with her cat and cauldron
    • Cute Halloween owls
    • Haunted house
    • Witches on brooms
    • Good morning, Dracula
    • 2 Candy patterns
    • Scarecrow
    • Several Halloween costumes, including Frankenstein
    • Finish the drawing page
    • Mom and kid ghosts
    • Skeletons
    • Mummies
    • Cute Vampire
    • Stitched toy
    • Cute ghosts pattern
    • Cute cats in Halloween costumes page
    • Cute death
    • Haunted house
    • etc.

The coloring page is a great activity for kids to develop color perception and fine motor skills, and just have fun! For adults, it is an easy way to paint and switch off from all the stress. You don’t even need to have any painting skills as you just follow the outlines and pick nice colors.

Didn’t like the colors? Print the same page again and try a different color combination and that’s it. For parents, it is a life-saver but also a very affordable one!

Get ready for Halloween with my Halloween Coloring Book – 90 coloring pages for adults and kids, including relaxing mandalas and cute characters for children.

I don’t offer my book for free as a whole, but I also set a very low price for all budgets – only $2.99 which results in $0.03 per page that you can reprint an unlimited amount of times.

I also do not charge as much as the average coloring book on Amazon costs (Halloween coloring books online are around $7 for 30 to 60 pages). I greatly appreciate your support of my small blog and business πŸ™‚

If you have purchased my coloring book, please send me your colored pages. Your kids are welcome to sign the pictures with their names! I’m excited to see them and share them with readers if you’d like, just send them to [email protected].