14 Ebru Painting Materials for Beginners

ebru painting materials

Ebru art appeared long time ago. Traditional ebru is a mysterious and beautiful art which nowadays is available for all levels of creative souls. Ebru painting is, in fact, quite a difficult and time-consuming practice and you will need a bunch of essential ebru painting materials: a tray with prepared water, special brushes, marbling paint, … Read more

Bakeable Acrylic Paint Guide

bakeable acrylic paint

Acrylic paint is one of the most common, favorite and easy-to-use paint. It is versatile and works perfectly not only with canvas and paper, but also for exterior works, fabric, wood, plastic, rocks, ceramic and glass. Acrylic paint adhere to any absorbent and porous surface. Acrylic sticks to ceramics and glass, but if you will … Read more

21 Differences Between Acrylic and Watercolor

difference between acrylic and watercolor

You came to an art supplies store and you are captivated by the variety of colors, tubes and tools. Where to start? We know that there are 4 main paint we can consider: gouache, oil, acrylic and watercolor. Oil scares a lot of beginners and they mostly choose between acrylics and watercolor, but what exactly … Read more

13 Tools for Acrylic Painting

13 tools for acrylic painting

To start painting we basically need only paint, brushes and a surface (canvas, paper, wood or something else). Learning and experimenting we will discover that there are so many useful tools for acrylic painting that make creative process easier and more fun, that open more techniques and effects for us. Here is my list of … Read more

The Best Brush for Acrylic Paint on Canvas in 2021

best brush for acrylic paint on canvas

The right brush decide the future quality of the painting as much as well stretched and primed canvas and artist-grade paint. Over time, you will learn what shape is good for what kind of work and what shape and size really work for you. A beginner can start with buying some essential brush shapes and … Read more

51 Acrylic Painting Tips Every Beginner Should Know

acrylic painting tips for beginners

After years of practice, we finally come to the point of “Oohhh that how I was supposed to do it, why I didn’t know it before?” Why nobody shared it with me to save my time and sometimes even passion for the painting. How many of us abandon painting just because they think this is … Read more

Best Canvas for Acrylic Painting for Beginners in 2021

best canvas for acrylic painting

The most popular support used for acrylics is a canvas. Choosing a canvas is a key to the success and joy of painting, it is the foundation of your future painting, as paint and other supplies. But a bad quality canvas can easily ruin all your art later and lead to cracks. The best choice … Read more

5 Pro Steps to Protect Acrylic Paintings on Canvas

how to protect acrylic paintings on canvas

When we create something art as part of memories, hobby of for sale we should think about protection. Art is something we need to take care of and make sure it will last years and years to bring joy and inspiration. The most common way to protect acrylic painting on canvas is varnishing. But it … Read more

How Long Does Acrylic Paint Take to Dry?

how long does it take for acrylic paint to dry

One of the beauty of the acrylics is how fast they dry and how fast we can enjoy the results. I think this is the best thing ever for beginners, boom… and your painting is dried and amazing. How long acrylic paint will dry fully depends on the temperature, humidity, paint type, thickness of layers … Read more