16 Most Famous Gouache Paintings

Though Gouache is infamous for being similar to watercolor, reputable painters still used Gouache as their primary medium and iconic paintings were used with Gouache. Gouache may be similar to watercolor, but some artists prefer it over others. There’s no loss, and we understand because Gouache is very worth it, even for beginners. Many artists … Read more

Best Floetrol Alternative & Homemade Floetrol For Pouring With Cells

You have probably seen Floetrol and especially Australian Floetrol prices lately…Not fun! Time to look for a good, reliable Floetrol alternative that can still give us a perfect liquid consistency and cells. Besides, Floetrol as a paint additive is not archival, which means it is not guaranteed to last for years without yellowing. *silent panic* … Read more

3 Ways To Make a DIY Stay Wet Palette

Do you want to keep your paint wet, but without spending money on a fancy palette or retarder? Here are general guidelines on how to make your own, DIY stay wet palette. All of them generally will not require you to buy anything, you probably have all the needed materials in your kitchen. Homemade wet … Read more

12 Best Acrylic Paints for Leather & Suede

Looking for the best value for money acrylic paint for leather? Special leather paint is acrylic-based, affordable, durable, and will cover your needs perfectly. There are very popular and lesser-known brands for any budget. It was designed to stain the leather and adhere for ages. It doesn’t ruin the faux or real leather, quite the … Read more