How to Fix Lumpy & Chunky Acrylic Paint? [10 Easy Methods]

Lumpy acrylic paint has its days. You shake and stir and shake some more, but most of it still stays lumpy.  Is it old paint or cheap craft paint? Did I mix it well? Maybe the paint container isn’t sealed airtight?  Don’t panic. Chunky paint isn’t the nightmare you think it is. I’ll show you … Read more

Satin vs Matte: Which Paint Makes for a Good Finish?

satin vs matte vs eggshell

Whether you are redecorating or starting from scratch, deciding a paint color is as important as deciding on a good finishing material. And among the many finishing materials in the market today, there are only two main contenders when deciding: Satin vs Matte. However, many are still baffled by how satin differs from matte.  Satin … Read more

Is Paint Flammable or Combustible? Acrylic, Oil, Latex and Mediums Explained

Is Paint Flammable

When considering DIY home renovations like decorating and furnishing the walls, floors, ceilings, or even the fireplace, this question constantly comes to mind. Is paint flammable or combustible? If so, how similar are they? Unfortunately, there are many things you could miss or fail to comprehend while rushing to finish your home projects.  Paints are … Read more

Is Acrylic Paint Washable on Skin, Fabric, Clothes, Walls, Wood, etc.?

is acrylic paint washable

Acrylic paint has been a great paint option among painters, crafters, and even beginners. If you’ve ever used one, you’re probably aware that removing paint stains can be difficult. They may unintentionally come into contact with various surfaces. But how will you get rid of them? Many acrylic users may wonder, “Is acrylic paint washable?” … Read more

Can You Use Acrylic Paint on Metal?

can you use acrylic paint on metal

Is there a can of acrylic paint sitting in your garage? This is that time of the year when a little home project sounds good; why don’t we paint a mailbox or garage door? Acrylics are well-known for durability and nice colors on canvas and walls, but can you use acrylic paint on metal, or … Read more

Poster Paint vs Acrylic Paint: What’s the Difference and Which is best?

Art supplies stores stock various paints, brushes, canvas, and other materials for budding artists. As you may have seen, poster paints are less expensive than acrylic paints. Is it worth it? However, debating between poster paint vs acrylic paint, which one is the best for painting with family, crafts, or professional art? Acrylics are more … Read more

55+ Easy Star Wars Painting Ideas & Crafts for Star Wars Day

Easy Star Wars Painting Ideas

Looking for ideas for your DIY projects to celebrate Star Wars month? Check these 55+ easy Star Wars painting ideas and crafts that will impress anyone following the Jedi’s path. You can paint canvas, walls, mugs, rocks, phone cases, or even your T-shirt with your favorite characters, landscapes, and quotes. I’m in love with acrylics … Read more

55+ Easy Christmas & Winter Canvas Painting Ideas For Beginners

Winter Canvas Painting Ideas

Are you looking for some inspiration for your winter paintings or feel creative on Christmas Eve? In this post, you’ll find 50+ winter canvas painting ideas to enjoy the holiday season by exploring your creativity while working on your painting skills. From frosty winter landscapes for beginners to whimsical Christmas scenes all the way to … Read more