How to Rehydrate Acrylic Paint: 14 Good & Bad Ways To Soften Acrylics

how to rehydrate acrylic paint

Acrylic paint is easy-to-use, versatile, and water-soluble paint. Thus, it’s no wonder that it’s a popular art medium. Everyone can use it for fun and relaxation as you don’t need special skills to be able to use it. Some artists and hobbyists may store some paints and find out dried out acrylic paints. If this … Read more

Is Acrylic Paint Waterproof? 11 Ways To Make Acrylics Waterproof

is acrylic paint waterproof

Are you worried that the painting you worked so hard for will trickle before your eyes when drenched in water? Well, the good thing about acrylic paint is it is water-based paint. Many people also choose to use this for different reasons – it is inexpensive and dries quickly. But, what if you accidentally left … Read more

Why Is My Paint Watery? 15 Ways To Fix Runny Paint

why is my paint watery

Why is my paint watery? That’s one common problem of an artist and probably the worst nightmare! It can disrupt your artistic process or even destroy your entire artistic work. What should you do? Do you just throw it out?  Your paint may be watery because it has been sitting still for a long time, … Read more

Is Acrylic Paint Toxic or Safe? 23 Brands Toxicity Included

is acrylic paint toxic

You’re starting to learn the wonders of painting. You’ve heard different suggestions on how to start painting and among them, acrylic painting pops out as among the most accessible for beginners. You wonder what acrylic paint brand to buy. But wait! Have you asked yourself: “Is acrylic paint toxic?” Most acrylic paints aren’t toxic for … Read more

Violet vs Purple: The Difference You Should Know

violet vs purple

We used to picture the galaxy or the milky way in multiple mixed colors, and in most artworks or photos of it, it is like a war between two colors, violet vs purple. Violet and purple are not the same in nature but our eyes may not distinguish them. Violet is the actual color in … Read more

How to Fix Lumpy & Chunky Acrylic Paint? [10 Easy Methods]

Lumpy acrylic paint has its days. You shake and stir and shake some more, but most of it still stays lumpy.  Is it old paint or cheap craft paint? Did I mix it well? Maybe the paint container isn’t sealed airtight?  Don’t panic. Chunky paint isn’t the nightmare you think it is. I’ll show you … Read more