How to Thin Acrylic Paint: 6 Easy & Pro Ways

Thinning acrylic paint

Have you heard of thinning acrylic paints yet so far it is not quite a clear concept? You also probably hear opposite opinions as of using or not water vs medium and it only gets more confusing. To lightly thin acrylic paint, you can add water or wet the brush. To make the paint much … Read more

Best Edible Markers for Cookies Decoration [2024 Buyers Guide]

best edible markers for cookies

Ever found yourself lost in the vibrant world of cookie decoration, wishing for the perfect edible markers to bring your sweet creations to life? You’re not alone! In my quest to discover the best edible markers for cookies out there, I’ve tackled the hurdles bakers often face. Picture this: you’re gearing up for a special … Read more

My 23 Easy Ways to Make Acrylic Paint Thicker And Textured

How to make acrylic paint thicker

Would you like to create thick, textured, expressive acrylic paintings? I’ve been creating textured ad impasto art since 2020 and I can share how I thicken my paint with professional and household items. If you need thickness and texture use heavy-body or ultra-thick acrylics like Gaffrey. If you have thin acrylic paint, add modeling paste, … Read more

How to Make Real Acrylic Paint At Home [No Glue]

Did you know that it is quite easy to make your own paints? Pack it in tubes and enjoy painting without paying for brands or marketing? To make acrylic paint, you will basically need 3 components: Acrylic medium or binder, Pigment and Water with a bit of alcohol. You start by adding water and a … Read more