How Long Does Acrylic Paint Take to Dry? 30 Brands Drying Time

how long does it take for acrylic paint to dry

One of the beauties of acrylics is how fast they dry and how fast we can enjoy the results. I think this is the best thing ever for beginners, boom… and your painting is dried and amazing. Acrylic paint is fast-drying and a thin acrylic paint layer will dry in 10-30 minutes, while a thick … Read more

How to Varnish an Acrylic Painting

How to varnish an acrylic painting

The varnish is the final step for painting. It protects acrylic painting for years from all negative factors and make it just even more beautiful. Varnishing an acrylic painting is easy. Choose your varnish, I use Golden Polymer removable varnish. Use a separate brush or a spray, thin the varnish if needed, apply it evenly … Read more

Why varnish acrylic painting?

why varnish acrylic painting

Varnish is the final step for painting. When I just started I was terrified – there were so many contradictory posts about varnishing but all of them said, you could probably ruin your painting…Wait, what? I avoided varnishing for a while but one day I decided just to try on a small painting. And that … Read more

7 Ways How to Make Acrylics More Opaque & Full Opaque Colors List

how to make acrylics more opaque

Do you know what I adore the most about acrylic painting? When I feel how the thick acrylic paint covers the canvas and I see the even and opaque surface waiting for me to create something. Honestly, I don’t like translucent colors and always try to learn how to make acrylics more opaque. To make … Read more

5 Proven Ways How to Make Acrylic Paint Dry Faster

How to make acrylic paint dry faster

Acrylic paint is fast-drying and this is one of the reasons many artists adore it! Sometimes we really need more open time, but there are some cases we need our painting to dry faster because probably you are as impatient as I am ;). More often we need to speed up drying time when we … Read more

How to Thin Acrylic Paint: 3 Correct Ways & 3 Dont’s

Thinning acrylic paint

Thinning acrylic paints may become a real headache for beginners and experienced artists. We need to thin paint to get better results in painting and the right method and thinning mixing ratio will come with experience, but I recommend you start learning and trying right now with my full guide. To thin acrylic paint, you … Read more

Best Isolation Coat for Acrylic Painting: Is It Necessary?

Is Isolation Coat Necessary for Acrylic Painting?

I’ve found that there is no full answer to many beginners who struggle with the isolation coat. In fact, it’s a process that can easily be your good painting practice if you’re aiming to enjoy your painting for long years. Is an isolation coat necessary for your acrylic painting? The isolation coat for acrylic painting … Read more