21 Tools for Acrylic Painting & Essential Supplies You Will Love To Use

13 tools for acrylic painting

To start painting we basically need only paint, brushes, and a surface (canvas, paper, wood, or something else). Learning and experimenting we will discover that there are so many useful tools for acrylic painting that make creative process easier and more fun, that open more techniques and effects for us. Essential supplies for acrylic painting … Read more

How To Use Floetrol For Acrylic Pouring: Full Guide

Floetrol for acylic pouring

Floetrol for acrylic pouring is now a very trending medium and the amount of questions constantly increases. Is it the best way even if it is not a real pouring medium? Why can not just use water? I can relate to all your worries so let’s just follow official guidelines and practical knowledge that I … Read more