IntoResin Molds Review: Amazing For Epoxy & Jesmonite

IntoResin is a young online platform to buy resin supplies and molds, and learn about crafting created by enthusiastic crafters, passionate about working with their hands and bringing beauty and art in this world. I highly support all small creative brands and decided to try their molds for resin. Are they better than others? Let’s … Read more

What Are The Best Paints For Hydro Dipping? (Pro, Spray & Acrylic)

With hydro-dipping, you can make your old pair of shoes or t-shirts look new. If you use the right paints for hydro dipping, the prints become durable and will last longer. You can use hydro-dipping spray paint, acrylic paint with borax, oil-based paint, enamel paint, and marble paint. Spray paints are the best to use … Read more

The Best Airbrush for Miniatures: TOP-10

best airbrush for miniatures

Airbrushes are a necessity for any miniature painter. They help produce fine lines and smooth surfaces that give the model a professional look. But, which airbrush is best? In this article, we will review the Best airbrushes for miniatures, based on my and other artists’ opinion of them. We will discuss the features of each … Read more