My Best Acrylic Paint & Pens for Rock Painting

best paint for rocks

I love how easy, fun, and accessible to anyone painting on rocks is! All you need is some acrylic paints or markers and an idea. I made a few rocks for our garden and let me share what paints I liked the most. Rock Painting Supplies You Need Rock painting is a screen-free activity for … Read more

My TOP-5 Favorite Acrylic Paint I Buy

Best Acrylic Paint Brand

There are more than 40 brands that offer high quality acrylic paint, for sure, they will all make you feel like this is your right choice. However, not even all artist-grade paints are really used by artists. To choose the best acrylic paint brand for you, you need to know something about brand reputation, check … Read more

22 Best Acrylic Paint for Miniatures For Beginners

Interested in painting miniatures and overwhelmed by choice and prices of special paints? You’ve come to the right place. I’m here to help you learn about the best acrylic paint for miniatures. Good miniature paints are thin, dry fast, have smooth coverage and vibrant opaque colors, and don’t peel off from plastic models. Top performing … Read more

12 Permanent Acrylic Paints on Glass That Stick

Acrylic is highly versatile and works for almost any project, including glass, windows, and even stained glass. You can use acrylic paints on glass, but it won’t be as easy as canvas painting and you need special acrylics. Acrylic for glass and acrylic enamel paints work best on glass and stick permanently. They can be … Read more