Best Paint for Eva Foam [Cosplay & Crafts]

Ever wondered how people make those incredible costumes and props you see at conventions or in movies? Well, the secret ingredient is EVA foam – a fantastic flexible material that lets you bring your imagination to life. But, there’s a trick to making your foam creations look absolutely amazing: the right paint! And to help … Read more

Best Eco-friendly Alternative to Acrylic Paint: 17 Options

Eco-friendly Alternatives to Acrylic Paint

Many artists favor acrylics because they are relatively cheaper, easy to use, and durable. But acrylic paint is not entirely great for your health and the environment. Fortunately, there are several eco-friendly alternatives to acrylic paint in the market. Some eco-friendly alternatives to acrylic paint include watercolors, gouache, and tempera. There are also a lot … Read more