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What Color does Pink and Yellow Make? Real Swatches

What Color does Pink and Yellow Make

Are you stuck on what color does pink and yellow make? 

Either for your room, artwork, and even fashion style, you might get surprised that these two colors actually create an ideal color combination. What’s more if yellow and pink mixed?

Mixing pink and yellow paints make peachy orange color, and shades of orange. The different shades of yellow and pink would give you various options for the shades of orange.

Pink-yellow-peach color combination is best for colorful-theme rooms, kids rooms and bedrooms of creative people.

So here are some essential keys you might need to know as you go beyond and explore the fun and exciting color mixing between yellow and pink.

Understanding color wheel: Where is pink and yellow?

color wheel

In the RYB color wheel, yellow color is one of the primary colors.

The other primary colors are red and blue. If you ever run out of yellow paint, you can create it by mixing white and shades like pale orange to get a shade of yellow or near to its shade as a primary color. 

However, it might be difficult to get a bright yellow from this mixture so it’s recommended to just buy yellow paints or just mix an equal proportion of red and green shades like cadmium red and lime green.

On the other hand, pink is not present in the color wheel because it’s just a lighter shade of red paint mixed with white paint

Both yellow and pink are warm colors.

They have different shades so mixing yellow and pink can give you various shades of orange.

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What color does pink and yellow make

What color does pink and yellow make?

Pink and yellow mixed can create an orange or peach color, depending if you’ll use a lighter or darker shade of pink and yellow. 

For instance, if you use a bright pink like magenta and mix it with a lemon yellow shade, you will get a bright red or orange color.

What color does pink and yellow make

In printing, the CMYK color wheel has different primary colors (cyan, magenta, and yellow).

Magenta and yellow are used to create bright red and orange.

If you add more magenta you’ll get bright red and if you add more yellow then you’ll get yellowish-orange color.

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For this mixing guide I’m using two yellows from Winsor&Newton Galeria set (Lemon yellow and Cadmium Yellow), and two Amsterdam pinks (Quinacridone rose and Primary Magenta) to compare results.

Hot pink and yellow

Mixing hot pink and yellow will give you a pinky peach or also known as new york pink paint.

If you want to get different shades of yellow and pink, you can mix them with a little amount of white, it’ll give you lighter shades of orange colors.

What color does light pink and yellow make?

If you use light pink like baby pink and cadmium yellow you might get a shade of vibrant orange color.

Though it still depends on how lighter shade you use, you’ll still get orange shades.

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How to make darker shades or lighter tints of orange with yellow and pink?

You can add a little amount of white paint to make an orange tint, a lighter version of the orange color. You can also lighten an orange color by mixing an equal ratio of light pink and yellow.

Examples of these shades are baby pink and canary yellow.

You’ll get orange to yellow shades if you’ll add more yellow to the mixture, while you’ll get peach to magenta if you’ll add more pink.

How to make darker shades or lighter tintsof orange
Adding white for lighter tints and raw umber or black to darken shades.

On the other hand, you can add a touch of black (a tiny touch, if added too much it will turn muddy brown) paint to an orange color if you want to have darker versions or called shades.

Just be careful in adding black because it might ruin the color mixture.

Alternatively, to make darker shade of orange, choose initially darker pink and yellow, or add a touch of raw umber.

I prefer this method over black.

Adding more yellow

Adding more yellow to orange

As you can see you can easily achieve marigold yellow by adding more yellow to the mix, or even lighter shades. Here I added just a bit more yellow.

The more you add, the lighter and yellowy mix will be.

You can get a lighter orange shade depending on the amount of yellow you add to the mixture.

Adding more yellow will make the paint lighter to the point you will get shades of yellow such as the following:

  • marigold
  • lemon yellow
  • tuscan sun

Adding more pink

Adding more pink paint can eventually give you a bright red.

If the pink mixture has more red than white, it’ll give a strong pink shade and will overpower the color of yellow when mixed, so it’ll create a strong shade of orange.

Adding more pink

Depending on the shade of yellow and pink it will become brighter, more salmon pink, or more red. I’m adding more pink on the right side of the swatch.

You can also get other shades like the following: 

Popular orange hues

These are the popular orange tints and shades that are commonly used in paintings or art crafts: 

Apart from these, there are still tons of orange shades that you can choose from.

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What Do Yellow and Pink Make in Lights?

Yellow is also one of theprimary color of light. In lights, yellow and pink can give a pale orange shade like a peach color. However, it still depends on how bright the yellow and pink lights are. 

If you don’t have a yellow light, you can create yellow light from red and green, while you can get pink by combining red and fuchsia.

The combination of red and yellow lights can also give you an orange light. You get pale orange light from the combination of pink and yellow lights because pink is a lighter version of red. 

Orange color Psychology

Every color has different shades, similar to mixing yellow and pink paint. Depending on how dark and light the color yellow and pink you use, you can get an entirely different orange hue that gives various meanings.

As such here are the different shades of orange hue which hold different meanings:

Pinkish orange huesYellowish-orange huesDark orange huesReddish orange hues
light colors give a soothing feeling
good health

Orange color in painting

Shades of orange are used to create based skin tones.

With different hues, you can create skin tones shades such as blush and peach, which you can use for pinkish skin tones.

Through orange tint, most artists used it to create other skin tones such as light brown shade.

Orange paint is commonly used in nature paintings such as sunsets, autumn leaves, and orange-colored gemstones. 

Orange is a go to color for sunset. This one I made with poster paint!

You will also use tons of orange if you will paint giraffes with your kids 🙂 I have 15 Great Easy Giraffe Painting Tutorials for All Levels to Try.

If you don’t have yellow and pink paint with you, it’s still possible to create an orange shade by mixing an equal amount of red and yellow shades like alizarin crimson and cadmium yellow where you can get a true color orange. 

If you reach yellowish-orange shades, adding white will give you the base skin tone that you desire.

You can check out our other post about different techniques for acrylic painting. For painting mediums, I recommend Liquitex products.

Orange color in drawing

Orange color in drawing

Using light shades of orange is good for highlights in a drawing. You can put them on top of dark shades of orange to highlight some areas. 

Also, orange shades are best for having a natural light effect. So usually orange colored pencils are used for sunset or sunrise drawings.

If you’re looking for colored pencils, we recommend using Faber-Castell Polychromos Artists’ Single Pencil.

The cores of the pencils are both strong and smooth, allowing for vivid color layback and less breakage. 

The leads are also smooth enough to assist new artists in learning how to blend. So it’s ideal for aspiring artists.

Orange color in design 

Orange color in design 

Bright orange shades are ideal to use in the living rooms and kitchens because they give a fun and pop atmosphere which is suited to these areas at home.

While softer shades of orange like peach are suitable in bedroom areas.

Since an orange hue altogether is a warm color, it’s good to match with cool colors like blue and green tones.

Adding neutral colors such as brown, gray, and white will also give a more balanced and harmonized design especially if you’ll use a bright orange color.

There are other colors that go well with orange, such as the following:

Orange is usually used as an accent color because of its vibrant color.

That’s why many logos and advertisements used the color orange to express positivity to the audience.

If you’re looking for orange wall paint, we recommend using Krylon Colormaxx and Rust-Oleum.

Yellow and Pink Combination in Design

Yellow and Pink Combination in Design

Yellow and pink hues are both vibrant colors, and their color combination in design creates a fun and party atmosphere.

This makes the color pink and yellow popular to use in children’s rooms because of their bright vibe.

The pop colors of pink paint and yellow are also good for logos and advertisements as a highlight to capture the attention of the audience. 

Combining them with their opposite or complementary colors can also give a balanced atmosphere. For example, the color pink and yellow can be mixed with purple.

Other color combinations with pink and yellow are the following:

Yellow and pink are also good if you want a room with a feminine and cheerful atmosphere, though it still depends on the shades of yellow and pink paint that you’ll use. 

If you want a budget-friendly and has various shades of pink hues and yellow, I recommend Krylon or Rust-Oleum wall paint products.

More color combinations with orange

You can get different shades of orange depending on how lighter and darker colors you’ll use.

For example, adding red to orange will give you a more strong orange shade like fire color.

While adding white with orange will give you a tint of orange-like peach color.

If you’ll mix an equal ratio of cobalt violet and cadmium orange paint, you can get a red hue.

For a more fun and smooth experiment in color mixing, I recommend using Liquitex products.

What color does pink, yellow and orange make?

If you add an equal amount of pink paint and yellow to orange, then you will get a more vibrant shade of oranges like neon and bright orange.

What color does pink, blue and yellow make? 

Mixing pink, blue and yellow, will give you in most cases, you can get a greyish purple or greyish green.

What color does pink, blue and yellow make

It will depend what 2 colors you mix first – if you mix blue and yellow first you will be mixing green with pink, which can give you either duller green or brown shade.

If you mix pink and yellow first you will have orange. Mixing orange and blue can make brown or grey-purple.

What color does green, pink, and yellow make?

The mixture you can get in colors green, pink, and yellow might give you similar or near to an orange-brown shade like terracotta.

What color does pink, white, and yellow make?

Mixing color pink, yellow, and white paint will give you a pale orange shade like peach color. Though it might change if you’ll add more pink paint to the mixture.

What color does pink, purple and yellow make?

Depending on the amount you used, you can get a deep brown like Russet shade if you’ll mix an equal amount of pink, purple, and yellow. However, if you’ll use lighter tones, you can get a light orange shade.

What color does pink, blue, yellow and white make?

Mixing pink, blue, and yellow can give you a brownish orange shade, but adding white paint, you will get a lighter shade like sandy brown.

What color does pink, black and yellow make?

Mixing pink, black, and yellow can create a darker color of orange or similar to brown shade like bronze orange shade.


Does pink and yellow make peach?

Yes, if you’ll use a light pink and put a greater amount of yellow shade like cadmium yellow, then you can get a peach shade.

Does pink and yellow make red?

Yes, you can get a bright red shade if you’ll use magenta rather than pink, and mix it with a little amount of cadmium yellow.

What color does pink and orange make?

Pink and orange make a peachy shade if you use pinkish tints and mix them with orange. The shade is the same color as the outer pulp of a peach.

What color does yellow and orange make?

Yellow and orange make a yellowish orange shade like amber color if you add more yellow in an orange mixture and mix it with pink. 

What color does red, yellow and pink make?

If there’s more red paint undertone in pink and you mix it with yellow, you can get a red-orange shade like vermillion.

Can you mix pink and yellow? 

Yes, mixing pink and yellow will give you a shade of orange depending on how light the shade you used for pink and yellow colors.

Wrap Up

The vibrant hue of yellow and pink when mixed creates various shades from peach to orange color.

Depending on the shades you’ll use, you can get indefinite shades by mixing yellow and pink.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s pick up those paintbrushes and dive into these exciting discoveries of color mixing. Have a good day everyone!