18 Tips To Avoid Brush Strokes In Acrylic Painting

When a brush leaves lines and marks no matter what you do, it is pretty annoying. You probably want a smooth, seamless finish for your acrylic painting. I can show you how to avoid brush strokes in your acrylic painting with very simple tips, all beginner-friendly. 3 key elements to avoid brush strokes are technique, … Read more

Using Acrylic Ink vs Acrylic Paint: Key Differences

I often see acrylic ink along acrylic paints in the art shop and if you are not sure what is the difference exactly, let me tell you! I tested Liquitex and Daler Rowney acrylic ink and more than 10 brands of acrylic paint to conclude what use when and which is better in acrylic ink … Read more

How to Thin Acrylic Paint: 6 Easy & Pro Ways

Thinning acrylic paint

Have you heard of thinning acrylic paints yet so far it is not quite a clear concept? You also probably hear opposite opinions as of using or not water vs medium and it only gets more confusing. To lightly thin acrylic paint, you can add water or wet the brush. To make the paint much … Read more

How To Paint Ceramics & Tiles With Acrylics? My Little Guide

best paint for porcelain

It is lots of fun to paint on ceramic plates, pour on tiles, or simply completely paint some mugs. You only need the right paint that works and sticks to porcelain or ceramics. So what are the best paints for porcelain? Regular acrylic paints work best on greenware and unglazed ceramics (including bisque-fired clay), while … Read more