How to Thin Acrylic Paint: 6 Easy & Pro Ways

Thinning acrylic paint

Have you heard of thinning acrylic paints yet so far it is not quite a clear concept? You also probably hear opposite opinions as of using or not water vs medium and it only gets more confusing. To lightly thin acrylic paint, you can add water or wet the brush. To make the paint much … Read more

15 Best Chalk Paint Brushes For Trims and Furniture

Chalk paint is an amazing medium to work with: upcycle your cabinets, paint your wall, do some art works – versatile and fun. Unlike traditional paint, chalk paint doesn’t often need a prep, but what it does need is the right brush for the job! The best chalk paint brushes are ones that are designed … Read more

How to Paint a Fox for Any Levels: 16 Turotials

How to Paint a Fox

Foxes have an endearing charm that makes them great painting subjects. I recommend looking for reference photos of foxes before you sketch or paint a fox. Also, you may learn the finest methods for painting these sneaky critters by watching tutorials and examples online. The best way to draw a fox is to begin by … Read more

Best Edible Markers for Cookies Decoration [2024 Buyers Guide]

best edible markers for cookies

Ever found yourself lost in the vibrant world of cookie decoration, wishing for the perfect edible markers to bring your sweet creations to life? You’re not alone! In my quest to discover the best edible markers for cookies out there, I’ve tackled the hurdles bakers often face. Picture this: you’re gearing up for a special … Read more

Best Paint for Eva Foam [Cosplay & Crafts]

Ever wondered how people make those incredible costumes and props you see at conventions or in movies? Well, the secret ingredient is EVA foam – a fantastic flexible material that lets you bring your imagination to life. But, there’s a trick to making your foam creations look absolutely amazing: the right paint! And to help … Read more

How To Paint Ceramics & Tiles With Acrylics? My Little Guide

best paint for porcelain

It is lots of fun to paint on ceramic plates, pour on tiles, or simply completely paint some mugs. You only need the right paint that works and sticks to porcelain or ceramics. So what are the best paints for porcelain? Regular acrylic paints work best on greenware and unglazed ceramics (including bisque-fired clay), while … Read more