My Honest Holbein Oil Pastels Review

holbein oil pastels review

Wondering if Holbein oil pastels are as good as their gouache? I was the same! That’s why I bought a set of Holbein oil pastels and here is what I think about it. Holbein Oil Pastels Features There are different Holbein oil pastels on the market and I have the one in light yellow-green box … Read more

How to Thin Acrylic Paint: 6 Easy & Pro Ways

Thinning acrylic paint

Have you heard of thinning acrylic paints yet so far it is not quite a clear concept? You also probably hear opposite opinions as of using or not water vs medium and it only gets more confusing. To lightly thin acrylic paint, you can add water or wet the brush. To make the paint much … Read more