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What Color Does Green And Purple Make? Surprising Results!

We know that there are only 3 primary colors (red, blue and yellow) that can make endless colors when mixed. Green and purples are one of the popular secondary colors: green is a combination of blue and yellow, while purple is a combination of blue and red.

But what color does green and purple make if they will be mixed?

Green and purple make a grey undretone in brownish-gray to dark blue color. The lighter the green the more grey mixed color will be. The darker purple and green, the more blue tint mixed color will have.

This is because when green and purple are mixed together, the blue component is doubled, which creates a muted, grayish-brown color.

The exact shade though may vary depending on the specific shades of green and purple used. And I will show you that the results may be absolutely different from what everyone is saying!

What Color Does Green And Purple Make

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What colors are green and purple in color theory?

Green and purple are both secondary colors in RYB color model.

It means they were mixed using 2 primary colors:

  • green = blue + yellow
  • purple = red + blue

In color theory, green and purple are also considered complementary colors.

color wheel

Complementary colors are colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel.

Green is located between blue and yellow on the color wheel, while purple is located between blue and red.

When green and purple are placed next to each other, they create a strong contrast and can be used to create visual interest in art and design.

At the same time, complementary/contrasting colors tend to neutralize each other when mixed. Such process creates neutral colors like brown or grey.

That is why mixing green and purple paint we can have different colors but they all willhave grey or brown undertone.

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Green and Purple in the CMYK Color Model

Colors are created in the CMYK model by combining varying amounts of 4 colors cyan, magenta, yellow, and black inks to produce a wide range of colors for printing.

In the CMYK color model, green is created by mixing cyan and yellow, while purple is created by mixing magenta and cyan.

Green is a combination of 100% cyan and 100% yellow, while purple is a combination of 100% magenta and 100% cyan.

The amount of cyan, magenta, yellow, and black used to create green and purple may vary depending on the specific shade of green or purple needed.

Green and Purple in the RGB Color Model

In the RGB color model, colors are created by combining red, green, and blue light in varying intensities.

  • In the RGB color model, green is created by combining green light (0% red and 100% green) with blue light (0% red and 0% blue).
  • Purple, on the other hand, is created by combining red light (100% red and 0% green) with blue light (0% red and 100% blue).

Green and purple are not directly opposite each other on the RGB color wheel, but they can still be used together to create interesting color combinations in digital art and design.

Different ratios of red, green and blue light will create shades of green and purple.

Green and Purple HEX code

A hex color code is a six-digit code used in digital design and web development to represent a specific color, using a combination of numbers and letters to represent the amount of red, green, and blue in the color.

  • Regular green HEX code is #008000.
  • Purple HEX code is #800080.

What Color Does Green And Purple Make?

In general, green and purple paint will create brown-grey to dark blue-grey colors when mixed together.

Yet, as there are many different shades of green and purple, as well as they can be mixed in different ratios (1:1, 2:1, 0.5:2 etc) and mediums, we need to understand that various shades can be possible.

What Do Green and Purple Make

I’ve tested different green and purple in acrylic, gouache, acrylic gouache and watercolor.

I even added violet to compare.

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What Colors Do Purple and Green Make In Acrylic Paint?

In acrylics, purple and green make dark greyish shades: brown-grey, dark gray color or dark blue.

I’ve used Liquitex, Mont Marte and Amsterdam acrylic paint in 1:1 ratio for this test:

  • Dioxazine purple mixed with green light creates dark grey color
  • Dioxazine purple mixed with dark green (Phthalo green) make dark blue-grey color
  • Purple mixed with light green (Brilliant green) make dark brown-grey
  • Mix green(Emerald) with purple to make dark blue color with grey undertone as well.
What Colors Do Purple and Green Make In Acrylic Paint

Why different results?

Each brand has its own composition for each color.

Some brands mix a few pigments to create a green or any other color. And we don’t know that ratio.

We can only test and see.

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What Do Green and Purple Make in gouache and acrylic gouache?

Gouache is very opaque by nature and dries to matte finish.

Mixing pale purple with green in gouache will make dull greish beige or steel blue.

green and purple paint in gouache

I was using Miya gouache for my test and I used light purple with 4 different shades of green. No matter the shade of the green the fact that purple neutralizes green gives us this grey undertone.

  • Pale purple and lime green (yellow green) make greyish olive color almost like a soft khaki.
  • Pale purple and grass green make greyish green (pale)
  • Pale purple and jade green will make grey color
  • Pale purple and pale green make grey blue color (more pastel blue color) closer to lavender color.

Acrylic gouache (I used Holbein here) more often has violet color in sets than purple.

So I tested it as well:

In acrylic gouache violet mixed with green make grey-green or dark blue color.

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What Do Green and Purple Paint Make in Watercolor?

Watercolors are very transparent and duller than acrylic or gouache by nature.

So mixed colors in watercolor often like pale.

Mix purple and green paint with watercolors and you will get grey or tints of blue-green.

green and purple paint in watercolor

What Do Green and Purple Make in pastel pencils?

Although pastel pencils are not ideal for mixing unlike paints, you can still add some nuance to colors.

Green and purple in pastel pencils make grey and dark blue.

What Do Green and Purple Make

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How to make lighter shades?

Combine green that is lighter and pale purple If you are looking for a lighter shade.

Adding white can also reduce the darkness of the color and make it more opaque.

How to mix darker colors?

Different hues produce different results.

For a darker color, go for solid Purple, Phthalo green, green with more blue color in it. And it will give you dark blue to almost black colors mixed.

What Do Green and Purple Make in Lights?

Green and purple do not make any specific color when mixed together in lights, they tend to neutralize each other to almost white light.

Placed together they create a visual effect known as color contrast, where the colors appear to intensify and stand out more.

This is because green and purple are complementary colors, which means they are opposite each other on the color wheel and create a strong contrast when used together or neutralize the color intensity if mixed.

Best uses for purple and green mixed In Design And Art

Using contrasting, complementary, color like purple and green are is always a good idea in design or painting composition.

When purple and green are mixed together in design, they create a unique and eye-catching color combination that can be used in a variety of ways.

purple and green mixed
One of my acrylic pours

Here are some best uses for purple and green combination:

  1. Branding: Purple and green can be used together in branding to create a unique and memorable color scheme. This combination is often used in the wellness and beauty industries, as it can represent health, nature, and spirituality.
  2. Web design: Purple and green can be used in web design to create a visually engaging and dynamic website. The contrast between the two colors can help to draw the viewer’s eye and create a sense of movement and depth. Don’t use very bright purple though. I was using one platform that added intense purple to their dashboard and it was unpleasant for eyes to use. Use paler, toned-down shades.
  3. Packaging design: Purple and green can be used in packaging design to create a high-end and sophisticated look. This combination is often used in luxury products, such as perfumes, cosmetics, and gourmet foods.
  4. Interior design: The combination of these two colors can create a sense of balance and harmony, but also creativity and make a statement. Making them a good choice for living rooms.
  5. In painting: for a purple object a green background will bring the object even more forward. In pouring it creates stunning contrast (see my pour painting pic)

Overall, purple and green mixed together can be used in a variety of ways in design to create a unique and engaging color scheme.

For most people this combination may seem too bold, but don’t forget that there are so many shades of green and purple: lighter, duller, calmer that you can use!

What does green and purple mean?

Purple often means luxury and mystery while green is more associated with health and stability.

Purple color meaning

  1. Royalty and luxury: Historically, purple has been associated with royalty and luxury due to its rarity and expense. In many cultures, purple was reserved for the ruling class and was seen as a symbol of wealth and power.
  2. Creativity and imagination: Purple is often associated with creativity and imagination, as it is a unique and unconventional color that can inspire new ideas and ways of thinking.
  3. Spirituality and mysticism: Purple is also associated with spirituality and mysticism, particularly in Western cultures. It is often used in religious iconography and is associated with the third eye chakra in Hinduism.
  4. Femininity and romance: In Western cultures, purple is often associated with femininity and romance. It is a popular color for weddings and is often used in floral arrangements and bridesmaid dresses.
  5. Ambiguity and uncertainty: Purple is a complex and ambiguous color that can have both positive and negative connotations. It can represent uncertainty, ambiguity, and confusion, as well as creativity, spirituality, and luxury.

Green color meaning

Green is often associated with abundance, harmony and health.

  1. Growth and renewal: Green is often associated with growth and renewal, as it is the color of plants and nature. It can represent new beginnings, fresh starts, and the cycle of life.
  2. Health and wellness: Green is also associated with health and wellness, as it is the color of many healthy foods and is often used in medical settings to promote healing and relaxation.
  3. Wealth and prosperity: In some cultures, green is associated with wealth and prosperity, as it is the color of money and financial stability.
  4. Harmony and balance: Green is a calming and soothing color that can represent harmony and balance. It is often used in interior design to create a peaceful and relaxing environment.

Grey color meaning

Here are 3 grey color meanings:

  1. Neutrality and balance: Grey is often seen as a neutral color that can represent balance and stability. It is a calming and soothing color that can help to create a sense of calm and balance in a space.
  2. Sophistication and elegance: Grey is also associated with sophistication and elegance, particularly in fashion and interior design. It is a versatile color that can be used to create a range of looks, from understated and classic to modern and edgy.
  3. Sadness and gloom: Grey can also have negative connotations, particularly when it is associated with sadness and gloom. It is sometimes seen as a dull and lifeless color that can represent depression or a lack of energy. However, this negative connotation can be offset by pairing grey with brighter colors or using it in a creative way to create a more positive and uplifting mood.

Grey is generally not a color that is used to attract attention in marketing as it is a neutral and unremarkable color that does not stand out or draw the eye.

Yet, grey can be used in marketing to create a sense of sophistication or elegance, particularly in high-end luxury brands or products.

Green And Purple Mixed FAQ

Does purple and green make blue?

Dark purple and dark green (Phthalo) can make dark blue color. The darker green or purple is, the darker blue will be.

Does purple and green make black?

Purple and green can make almost black color when mixed. Dioxazine Purple with Phthalo Green will make such a dark blue that it looks like black.

Does purple and green make grey?

Yes, purple and green can make grey or add grey undertone to any mixed color and make grey-ish brown or blue.

In conclusion, I didn’t come up to a single verdict on what green and purple make.

There is simply too many shades of green or purple that can affect the results.

I’ve browsed a few blogs and I did not find any real swatches of colors they claim purple and green make so I made my own test and I hope it can guide you in color mixing and painting.